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Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

Nation None
Affiliation Dr. Madd's creations
Status N/A
Debut Army Men II

The Zombies are mindless monsters created by Dr. Madd. They usually show no allegiance to any Nation and will attack whoever, or whatever, stands in their path, with only the Doctor himself having any semblance of control over them.


Zombies are cobbled together from pieces of every faction; Green, Tan, Grey, Blue, and even the Black and Red nations. In Army Men II, they were assembled via a massive, complex molding machine that created Zombies at an extremely quick rate.

As they are sporting mismatched colors, and typically make loud groaning noises, they are usually easily identifiable. Their slow speed also makes them easy to dispatch, but in some cases, Zombies can have a high resistance to damage.

In Games[]

Army Men II[]

In Army Men II, the Zombies are first encountered on Dr. Madd's island. Before being destroyed, the molding machine that creates the Zombies is able to make a handful of incredibly resilient Zombies that can either be evaded or destroyed after prolonged, sustained fire on them. They later appear in Area X in a caged off area, and can be freed. Assuming Sarge and his men stay out of their way, they will attack nearby Tan soldiers. Interestingly, a computer located in the middle of the caged area seems to control the Zombies to a slight degree, as destroying the computer will instantly kill all the Zombies.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

Zombies appear in Dr. Madd's Castle, patrolling the graveyard and the inside of the castle.

Army Men: Toys in Space[]

In Army Men: Toys in Space, Zombies only appear in the Battle mode if the "Corpses Spawn Zombies" option is enabled. Once killed, soldiers will turn into zombies and attack every faction. They appear as black squares on the map. They can also be controlled via a glitch. Their moans can be heard if you are anywhere near them on the map, making them easy to notice. If no one is nearby for it to attack, a zombie will simply stand still, making it possible to lure them to different places.