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Vikki Grimm
Vikki Grimm
Nation Green
Affiliation Green Nation
Status Unknown
Debut Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Vikki Grimm is the main character of Portal Runner, and a supporting character throughout the Army Men: Sarge's Heroes timeline. She is the daughter of Colonel Grimm, and the main love interest of Sgt. Hawk. She is also a reporter for Green Army News.


She is depicted as a flesh colored doll rather than being a single molded colour like the other soldiers of the Green Nation.

An interesting thing to note is that in some appearances, she has a slight different design in each of her appearance (Usually with her clothes and/or hair) but generally was near identical in each (though in some this could vary by ports due to graphical limitations, with the N64 version having her clothes being a generic green instead of having jungle camo).

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

Vikki first appears arguing with her father over his secrecy on the origins of the Tans' new weapons, leading to her leaving his office in frustration.

While tailing Sarge across the Black Forest, Vikki gets captured by the Tans while filming a report about how the Tan army get all of their new super weapons and the "Big World". She uses the opportunity of her capture to her advantage by giving Sarge a video container (although not visible) during their encounter after the level "Fort Plastro" that has information about the Tans' attack. She got this information from Plastro himself by tricking him, but after the level "Showdown" Plastro realizes that Vikki shared the information with the Green army. Plastro puts Vikki in the kitchen (human world) where Sarge has to rescue her. After her rescue, rather than return to her father, attempts to follow Hawk, which leads to her capture by Plastro who uses her as a hostage. During the final confrontation between Sarge and Plastro in the Bathroom, she's dropped to the ground when Plastro attacks Sarge with a Flamethrower, in a moment of quick thinking, she grabs Plastro by the leg, allowing Sarge to defeat Plastro and escape back to the Plastic World where she's reunited with her father.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

Vikki first appears as a reporter, reporting about General Plastro's Plastrification in the other world. She closes off her report by stating that the Green Nation was actively destroying the portals that led to the Real World. She appears later on during a meeting with Col. Grimm and Sgt. Hawk, stating that she's unaware of how the Tan forces can last so long in the other world without being plastered. She later assists Bravo Company during their mission to Dr. Madd's castle and spots both the doctor and his anti-Plastrification serum. She and Sgt. Hawk return to inform Col. Grimm of the serum, where the two are introduced to Brigitte Bleu. She later appears to report the signing of the peace papers between Col. Grimm and Field Marshal Tannenburg, but is then kidnapped by General Plastro's new forces.

She's kept chairtied in Plastro's Toy Story headquarters where she tries to convince Brigitte into distrusting Plastro to no avail. After Plastro's failed invasion of the Blue Nation and Brigitte's apparent desertion, Plastro moves Vikki to a Gum Dispenser machine as bait for Sgt. Hawk, who manages to rescue Vikki and together they destroy the trains containing the continental missiles. However, upon seeing Plastro transporting Brigitte to the Pool Table, they decide to split with Vikki going to destroy the remaining missiles and Sgt. Hawk going to rescue Brigitte.

After Hawk's capture by Brigitte, Vikki leads the search for him in a helicopter and manages to spray him with Anti-Plastification serum and is present when the heroes corner Plastro and Brigitte, which leads to Plastro's capture and Brigitte's escape.

Portal Runner[]

Vikki Grimm, star reporter for the Green Army News, gets bored when General Plastro gets captured. Hearing that Hawk goes on a dangerous mission, she goes after him, in spite of a good story for the news. Taking her camera with her, she takes several pictures on the way. Upon rescuing Sarge from the gingerbread men in his mission, she reports back to her father, where she starts an argument, saying she had to go because she hasn't had a decent story in months, and also stating that Hawk wouldn't have made it with her. Frustrated that Hawk snitched on her, she calls him snitch and leaves for her army base. As she walks back towards base, a soldier gives her a package from an anonymous sender. Upon opening it, she finds a rock, which breaks open to reveal a dinosaur. Curious, she digs around inside the package and finds a map. She says quietly to herself, "The story of your life awaits you. Follow the map and seek out the one called rage. Tell no one, leave now."

She leaves for the Lost Caves portal, and gets thrown into the prehistoric portal, along with a lion. She befriends the lion, and calls him Leonardo, Leo the Lion for short. When she makes it out and into the medieval world, she helps a wizard who helps her in return, making quick haste for Brigitte Bleu's castle. Telling Leo to wait at the edge of the moat, she defeats Brigitte's dragon and goes inside the Castle to stop Brigitte. Upon entering, she gets captured and Leo is left to find her. Bleu then leaves her magical compact on the floor of Vikki's cage and leaves, leaving Vikki watch helplessly as Hawk, her boyfriend, gets married to Bleu. But Leo rescues her just in time and they stop the wedding, snapping Hawk out of Bleu's spell.

Heading for the space world, Vikki, Hawk, and Bleu must work together to save the green army base from the Martian attack. Bleu still has a mindset on making Hawk hers, but she complies long enough to help Vikki and Hawk save the green army base.

Army Men: RTS[]

Late in the campaign against Blintz, she joins Sarge's forces after he arrives on the attic, like Sarge, she uses a handgun but has less health.

Army Men: Sarge's War[]

Vikki was one of the victims of Malice's terrorist attack during the Peace Accords between the Green Nation and the Tan Republic.

During the ending of the game, a tarp flies off of containers bearing the names of Bravo Company, Col. Grimm, and Vikki herself, implying that body doubles of the originals were killed off to toy with Sgt. Hawk's emotions. It is unknown if Hawk ever figured out the truth, however.


  • After completing Level 15 in the Nintendo 64 version of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, Vikki quips "I'm so good; they should make a video game about me!" This could have possibly been a hint towards Portal Runner, which released a year later.
  • In Portal Runner, Grimm mentions to Sarge that Vikki's mother passed away, though it is not said how she died.
  • There are some inconsistencies with her design between games, most notably if she's supposed to be a plastic woman or an articulated figure as sometimes she was shown in her renders to have articulated joints while other times she lacked them.


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