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Trains are a mode of transportation seen in several Army Men games.


Though present in both the Plastic and Real Worlds, the trains in the plastic world appear to be exclusively steam locomotives, while the real world trains vary from model steam locomotives to 1950's styled streamliner diesels. Regardless of origin, trains are used as a mode of transport for various goods and weapons across the many warring factions.


Army Men II[]

In Army Men II, the player is tasked with protecting a train carrying tanks while the Tan Army tries to destroy it.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

In Sarge's Heroes 2, Dr Madd's serum, which cures Plastrification, is transported via train from the Fridge to the Castle. In the second mission of the game, Sgt. Hawk and Vikki Grimm travel to a Bridge which the train passes over, and destroy it in order to stop this. In the PS2 version of the game, you can actively see the trains pass by over time.

Much later in the game, in a mission simply called Train, Sarge and Vikki team up to destroy several trains as they travel around a miniature town inhabited by Mini-Soldiers. These trains are carrying missile parts.

Army Men: World War[]

In Army Men: World War, in the mission Von Blue Express, PFC Green is tasked with protecting an allied Blue Nation train to cut off a Tan retreat. PFC Green is given the "honorable blue heart" for completion of this mission.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

In this game, the Green Army use a toy train to transport the Battle Tank. The train is powered by a battery that a tan Huey steals, and Captain William Blade has to retrieve it. Once power is restored, the player, as Blade, must help the train by fending off attacking Tan Soldiers, Jeeps, and Tanks, as well as by using the Winch to clear obstacles the Tan have pushed onto the tracks.

Army Men: RTS[]

During the final levels of the game, Sarge and his team are tasked with raiding the house attic occupied by Tan forces lead by Colonel Blintz. His base, along with most of the Tan's Real World infrastructure at that point were allocated on the houses model railroad. Carloads of broken toys were collected by rail and delivered to Tan Plastic Factories to be melted down and converted into more soldiers and weapons for Blintz's army. After much destruction and sabotage, the railroad operation was shut down by Sarge defeating Blintz.

Army Men: Sarge's War[]

Near the end of the game, Sarge raids a model railroad occupied by Malice's Tans who were working on delivering a rail mounted artillery cannon to their commander. The rail line had its electrical current on the tracks intensified to the point it would burn Soldiers to a crisp if they stepped on it. After taking out the guards and soldiers, Sarge destroyed the Railgun and the Engine hauling it before it could reach its destination.


  • The steam locomotive depicted in Army Men: Air Combat is a visual parody of the British children's book character Thomas The Tank Engine.
  • The Diesel Locomotive seen in Army Men: RTS is modeled after an American Locomotive Company FA model locomotive, specifically one in the Santa Fe passenger livery which was, and still is, a popular livery for these engines among model train enthusiasts.
    • This also makes it the only locomotive featured in the franchise to be directly modeled and visually styled after a real world locomotive.
    • The passenger carriages the engine is pulling are visually modeled after the streamlined passenger cars of the Southern Pacific Railroad's Sunset Limited express train of the 1950's.