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The Tanks serve as the main armored cavalry in the Army Men series. Their performances, and AI, varies throughout the games too.

They are armed with a main cannon and are very tough but usually take a 4-5 Bazooka hits to take down.


Army Men 2/Army Men: Toys in Space[]

The Tank is the most powerful vehicle the army men faction has access to, with a cannon comparible to a bazooka and a low fire rate to match. They are slow but extremely durable, meaning they can sustain plenty of fire while they blow away their targets. They can only hold one passenger, and cost 500 plastic to make on the start of the match.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

Tan Tanks appear as an enemy within the game. They can easily kill Sarge in a single hit, and they are impervious to almost every weapon. The only weapons that can damage the Tank are the Bazooka, Grenade Launcher, Grenade, and Mortar. Mines can also disable a tank and stop it from moving, but won't kill the tank on their own. In some levels, tanks can also be killed by the detonations from explosive barrels.

In the PS1 and PC ports, the player can drive a green tank. Their cannon can make short work of enemy infantry, but those armed with explosive weapons should be prioritized. Even enemy tanks are a threat to your own.

Despite their formidable health and damage output, Tanks aren't very maneuverable, and only move on a set path. They cannot shoot behind themselves, and will not turn to attack Sarge. In the PS1 version, they will run Hawk over if he is in front of them.

In the level Spy Blue, there is also a blue tank. It does not move or patrol, but stays in place. When not in the town square in the area next to the fountain, it will fire randomly into the sky. Yet, if you are in the fountain area, it would appear you are able to manipulate where the turret is. The blue tank does not seem to be hostile to the tan soldiers, but it does enter "aggression" mode when in the presence of the player, signified by leveling the turret. The point it shoots in the sky is remarkibly similar to where the green helecopter spaws during the intro cutscene. It is never explained why a spy would be accompanied by a tank.


Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]


Wrecked Blue Tank

Tanks re-appear in this game. They appear a lot less often, probably due to changes in level design. Out of the game's 17 levels, Tan Tanks appear in only 4 - Fridge, Revenge, Rockets, and Pool Table. A fifth tank appears in Graveyard, but only in the PS2 version of the game.

A friendly green tank aids Sarge in the siege of the Tan Base when the Green Army is hunting Field Marshal Tannenburg.

A Blue Tank serves as a sort of miniboss in the level Bed, as Brigitte Bleu will hide inside of it once Sarge approaches, and only leave once it's been blown up. The wreckage of what was once another blue tank can be seen in Blue Town, destroyed by Plastro's army.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

Tanks make an appearance as regular enemies, with the Tan Army deploying tanks in almost every level. Their shots are easy to avoid but do great deal of damage if they hit. They will try and lead their shots however so try and adjust your movements accordingly. Green tanks appear as allies in some missions.


In the Officer's Club mission Food Fight: Picnic Panic, the Melting Pot will spawn tanks of whichever color crayon has been dropped into it.

Army Men: RTS[]

Manual description: Tanks are well-known as powerhouses in any assault. Just watch out for Choppers. These guys can't do anything but run away from them.


  • Despite being an espionage-focused nation, Blue tanks do make an appearance, as drivable vehicles.
  • In one of the multiplayer maps, a Tan Tank make an appearence. It is drivable to the Tan player but can attack and try run over the green player by itself, should he/she approach it. Making it relatively unbalanced gameplay.
  • Most of the tanks are based in M48 Pattons and M60 tank.