The Tanic-Greeno Conflict
Date: September 30th, 1998 - July 21st, 2004

Green Nation

Tan Republic

Region: The Plastic World & Real World...
Status: Draw
  • The Tan Nation crumbles...
  • Green Nation disbands...
  • Many Plastic soldiers of all nations killed...
  • Sgt Hawk continues services on for the Green Nation...
  • General Plastro is Killed...
  • Lord Malice is killed...
Created By: Trip Hawkins

The Tanic-Greeno Conflict commonly reffered to as The Plastic War or The Tanic-Greeno War

Prior to the EventsEdit

Not much is know about the past. Most likely the events before this the Tan Republic had been launching massive conquests and invasions on its nearby nations. The Tan are largely based off the Axis Powers during World War II, as they do seem to be a mix of Imperial Japan's massive aggressive tactics and the 1942ish Nazi Germany, so this likely. In the World War series, this is right on par of what happen, and therefore this likely. During this time, the Green Nation is most likely being a peaceful democratic nation, while keeping up a strong military. The Grey Nation at some part of time was invaded by the Tan and occupied. This would represent the Japanese invasion of China in the interwar period. As such this conflict along with the Grey and Tan survived into World War II, or the Tanic-Greeno conflict. As the Grey are based off the Viet Cong, this makes sense, as many Chinese form partisans to battle the Japanese, hence on hence the Grey and Tan. Meanwhile, elsewhere the Blue and Reds, representing the French and Soviets have had a few wars, made an alliance, or done both. If a war happen, the Blue might of suffered several serious defeats and had to ask for Tan assistance, explaining the closer relations between them. This conflict could be a representation of the Italian invasion of Greece, which ended with the Italian Army being routed and having to call in the Germas or in this case, the Tan. Anywhere else is either being invaded or is remaining neutral.


Assault on Green NationEdit

Discovering the Real WorldEdit

Plastro's first DefeatEdit

Advancements in TechnologyEdit

War takes to the skyEdit

Tan loses GroundEdit

Real World TheaterEdit

Plastro's CounterattackEdit

Plastro's Second DefeatEdit

Tan Army Becomes OverrunEdit

The Surrender TreatyEdit

Destruction of GreentownEdit

The Vengeance InsurrectionEdit

The Hunt for MaliceEdit