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The Tanic-Greeno Conflict
Date: September 28th, 1999 - April 14, 2006

Green Nation

Tan Republic

Region: The Plastic World & Real World...
Status: Draw
  • The Tan Nation crumbles...
  • The Blue Nation and Grey Nation collapses.
  • Green Nation is left shattered and its remaining inhabitants migrate to the Big World...
  • Many Plastic soldiers of all nations killed...
  • Sgt Hawk continues services on for whatever is left of the Green Nation until he was melted down by a traitorous Green Soldier...
  • General Plastro is Killed...
  • Lord Malice is killed...
Created By: Trip Hawkins

The Tanic-Greeno Conflict, commonly referred to as The Plastic War, Was the war depicted in the Army Men games from Army Men: Sarge's Heroes until Army Men: Major Malfunction.

Prior to the Events[]

Not much is know about the past. Most likely the Tan Republic had been launching massive invasions on nearby nations. The Grey Nation at some point in time was invaded by the Tan and occupied. Meanwhile, elsewhere the Blue and Red Nation were in conflict with each other, and the Blue Nation might have suffered several serious defeats and had to ask for Tan assistance, explaining the closer relations between them. Eventually, the Tan Republic would invade the Green Nation.


Assault on Green Nation[]

Sergeant Hawk wakes up to find himself in the midst of a Tan invasion on the Green base. He then rescued the Green Army Commander, Colonel Grimm, and then sets out to find the rest of his captured team mates of Bravo Company. While on a helicopter, Sarge and Grimm spot a Blue tank in a nearby town. 

Discovering the Real World[]

Sarge followed the Blue Spy through a portal to the Real World and captures him. After observing a bathroom and discovering the Tan Nation has already rooted themselves deep in this bizarre dimension he reports back to Col. Grimm who prepares the invasion to rescue his team.

One by one, Sarge saved each one of his teammates where he quickly learned of the Tan's new super weapons and the threat of Plastrification on innocent plastic creatures. To prevent this, Sarge is given the order to wipe out each portals to prevent the loss of more plastic men and women.

Plastro's first Defeat[]

As Sarge has taken out most of the Portal's, he is stopped halfway through a Living Room by Plastro, who thinks he has Sarge cornered, but is then taken by Precious, a Poodle and undergoes the Plastrification devolution. After spotting the last Portal, Sarge and Vikki escape, blow up the Portal and are reunited by the rest of the Squad including Colonel Grimm.

Plastro's Second Defeat[]

The Green Plastic News announced that the capture of Field Marshal Tannenburg, which will end the war since General Plastro has disappeared.

Grimm informs Sarge and Vikki about the Anti-Plastrification serum and the threat it represents to the Green Nation, Sarge and Vikki are sent to destroy the cargo train containing the Serum and the portal the Tans use to transport it, they succeeded and Sarge and Vikki work their way back to the Green base. On their return, Grimm informs the Duo that they have found the location of Tannenburg's headquarters with the help of a Blue Spy named Bridgette Bleu, who proclaims to be working with the Blue Resistance.

The Green Army launches an assault on the Tan's Headquarters and Tannenburg is captured. As he and Grimm sign a peace treaty, the revived Plastro invades the base through a portal with his new army and captures Vikki, seeing that the base is lost, Grimm and Sarge escape. They reunite with Bravo Company in a far away outpost and are sent to capture the Tan's Bedroom Command, on their way, they discover that Bridgette was working for Plastro and they set up for attacking the bed to capture her. After she is captured it is discovered Plastro betrayed her and began a full scale invasion on her homeland and promises to tell Sarge the location of Plastro if he saves her home town of which he and his crew promptly do and she reveals Plastro is based out at the Toy Store in the real world.

Meanwhile at the Toy Store, Plastro, having Vikki tied up, claims that since Bridgette left him, she will be his wife and sends his soldiers to keep her guarded in a gum dispenser while he plans to use Rockets to destroy all the Nations that oppose the Tan Republic. Sarge and the Bravo Company Commandos manage to reach the Toy Store and they separate to rescue Vikki and Bridgette and to capture Plastro, Sarge manages to rescue Vikki and who tells about the Rockets and both hurry to stop them. Bridgette ends up betrays Bravo Company and orders Tan Troops to capture them so she could regain Plastro's trust.

After destroying various trains containing the Rockets, both of them separate with Sarge going after Plastro and Vikki after the remaining Rockets. Sarge reaches the Billiard Table only to see Plastro tying up Bridgette to an M80 and taunts him into rescuing her, after fighting his way through the table, he unties Brigitte only to be betrayed by her as she uses the Plastrification Serum on Sarge, paralyzing him.

At the Pinball table, Plastro celebrates his victory by torturing Sarge. Being unable to handle him being tortured, Bridgette orders some of her loyal soldiers to activate a vending machine to cause noise so the Green Army could find the table and use the Anti-Plastrification serum on Sarge, freeing him, he eventually frees Bravo Company and corners both Plastro and Bridgette, but Plastro activates an sleeping Toy Robot to kill the heroes but they are saved when Captain Blade appears and uses the serum to give life to another Toy Robot, so the two could fight until both fall off the table. Plastro attempts to escape, only to faint at Sarge's attempted act of violence on him and the two are promptly arrested.

The Tan Army's Last Stand[]

In his Prison, Plastro ordered his Elite Guard to invade Greentown in a last ditch effort to overthrow the Green from within and so he could be rescued. After battling hordes of Tan Soldiers, Sarge and Riff manage to take down the invasion much to Plastro's horror. After this failed attempt to end his nemesis, Plastro was granted freedom only if he willingly ends the war...

The Surrender Treaty[]

After the battle, Sarge Hawk is informed by Colonel Grimm that the Tan Army has surrendered and that there will be a peace ceremony later that night, but that a rogue Tan division led by Lord Malice has stolen some infantry molds and can now build an army. Sarge's mission is to find and terminate Malice and recover the molds.

Destruction of Greentown[]

Sarge arrives in the area and battles his way to the Tan portal. There, he discovers plans indicating that Malice has placed a bomb at the peace ceremony. Sarge charges through the portal to stop the ceremony but he is too late - as the bomb goes off, his entire squad, as well as Plastro, Colonel Grimm, the Heroes and the Green and Tan armies are annihilated. After Vikki dies in Sarge's arms, he then sets out to kill Malice.

The Vengeance Insurrection and The Hunt for Malice.[]

He battles his way through the remains of Greentown to another Tan portal. Upon proceeding through the portal he finds himself in Malice's artillery base. Sarge destroys all the artillery and discovers a plastic well mine that Malice is using to build his army. Sarge floods the mine making it nearly unusable. He then travels across the desert to Malice's castle. Malice is using the castle as a communication center for his air and ground forces, as well as a prison base for some of the Green army's finest men. Sarge penetrates the castle's defenses, frees the prisoners and destroys the communications tower. Discovering a passage from the castle to a kitchen in the real world, Sarge flashes back to a time when he was in a similar kitchen, in a squad led by Major Gooding. During the mission, Gooding was ambushed and wounded by Tan forces. Sarge attempts to find him only to see Gooding's arm near the sink, leading him to the conclusion that Gooding was dead. As Sarge calls for extraction, the flashback ends, and Sarge moves forth.

Soon, Sarge finally reached Lord Malice's headquarters, where he battles Malice. After defeating and fatally wounding Malice, Sarge asks Malice why he killed the Greens and Tans in Greentown. Malice reveals that it was simply to make Sarge suffer. Sarge removes Malice's facemask and discovers that Malice was actually Major Gooding, who was accidentally left for dead. Eventually the Tan found him and turned him into Lord Malice. At the end of the scene, Sarge is seen walking out, saying that war makes ultimately no sense, unaware that his friends are still alive and trapped in the molding chambers Malice stolen...

The Migration to the Real World[]

After the utter annihilation of the Plastic World and the Anti Plastrification serum in abundance, the remnants of the Green Nation and any other nations reestablish their land in The Real World and make alliances with the toys living in Human hands. Although Sarge and a handful of surviving Green Heroes moved on, the memories and horror of the war were forever cemented in their minds.

Sarge would often go on long walks, perhaps as a means of finding what little peace he had left in his life, and it was during one such walk he was ordered to capture a rogue scientist and it was here when was trapped and melted down in the Microwave.

Defeating the Last Threats.[]

A Green Private named Anderson went to the kitchen to find out what happened to Sarge who was supposed to have captured a professor called Foreyes but he and his team were captured by the enemy troops. Anderson woke up in an enemy prison, he escaped and freed his teammates but sadly lost a close friend of his. After getting back to base he was sent back to the kitchen again and went to the microwave and found out that Sarge was dead. He found a page from Sarge's diary saying that Professor Foreyes was in the fridge. When Anderson got to the fridge Anderson witnessed a creature kidnap Foreyes and take him out of the kitchen.

Later Anderson went to the living room where Professor Foreyes was located. After he blew up a Giant Robot. a mine field he then used a tank to kill the thing that kidnapped Professor Foreyes, Anderson moved into Castle Cardboardstein where he found and rescued him. After the escape, they got back to the base where Anderson was briefed on his next mission to find Major Malfunction who was responsible for Sarge's demise.

After taking out the Major's weapons of destruction, Anderson was dropped of to the backyard to finally destroy Major Malfunction. He pushed through Major Malfunction's troops and had a showdown with Malfunction who was soon defeated and escaped as the Shed burned up.

When he got back to base, there was a grand celebration for the seemingly endless war was at last over...