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Superweapons are giant weapons used by both the Green Army & the Tan Army throughout the Army Men series. Often portrayed as objects & toys that are originally from the Real World, both forces have repurposed them to use against each other, though the Tan has multiple different weapons, while the Green has only used single but powerful weapons that can take so much damage before being destroyed.

Green Army Superweapons[]

  • Battle Tank - A Grey Tank used to attack a Tan helicopter battalion base.
  • UFO - A laser-armed UFO stolen from the Tan Army used to defend the Green Army's alpine bases.
  • Teddy Bear - Armed with dual lasers on it's eyes, it is used to help Captain Blade bring back power to the radar dishes, and destroy a Tan base.
  • Edgar Eggplant - A Mr. Potato Head inspired superweapon developed by Sarge used to attack a Tan Factory.
  • Bulldozer - A battery powered bulldozer armed with missile launchers piloted by Sarge used to attack a Tan factory. Tan Hueys attempted to acquire it for Von Beige.
  • Headless Mary - A doll used by the Green Army to attack a Tan factory located in a jungle area by holding the head that fires a laser. The head was stolen by the Tan before being recovered. Seeing her reminds Blade of Bombshell on a bad day.
  • Baseball Bob - A baseball boy superweapon stolen by the Alpha Wolf Squadron to destroy the last Tan factory in a urban city area, by throwing energy projectiles. Tan Chinooks attempted to steal the weapon for purposes unknown.

Tan Army Superweapons[]

  • Magnifying Glass - Used as death rays to melt Green soldiers
  • V-Bots - Treaded toy robots armed with a chest-mounted cannon.(Dubious)
  • Melting Pot - A device capable of turning green soldiers tan, and brainwashing them to fight for the Tan Army.
  • Warbots - Robot action figures used by Plastro as his elite shock troopers. One of them would become Bridgette Bleu's servant, named Rage.
  • Megabots/Super Robots - Larger successors of the V-Bots, they carry even greater firepower.
  • Robo Spiders - Toy mechanical spiders with six legs. (Dubious)
  • Toy Scorpions - A red scorpion variant of the Robo Spiders. (Dubious)
  • Wartank - A heavily armored dark grey tank.
  • RC Cars - Used to run over Green Army troops & vehicles, they are controlled by Remote Controllers (Dubious)
  • Plastro's Warbot - A blue missile-equipped wind-up tin robot used by Plastro against Blade.
  • Solar Beam - A weapon used by Plastro to melt escaping Scientists who defected from his cause.
  • Dogs - Wind-up dogs that fire missiles.
  • Female Robot - A western-inspired robot that fires it's arms as projectiles.
  • T-Rex - T-Rex superweapons that shoot fireballs.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns - Fires energy blasts from it's eyes.
  • Race Cars - Blue RC cars armed with missile cannons.