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Spiders are bugs found in the Real World.

Sarge's Heroes[]

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, General Plastro turns Grey Nation captives, alongside Red Republic captives in the PS1 and Dreamcast versions, into spiders.

They appear in the following levels:

  • Thick (Mission)
  • Scorch (Mission)

Sarge's Heroes 2[]

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, spiders lurk Behind the Wall and will attack Vikki Grimm given the opportunity. They can tank quite a bit of damage from most weapons, but they can be eliminated with TNT.

A couple of spiders also dwell within Dr. Madd's Castle, presumably kept as pets, guards, test subjects, or some combination thereof by the doctor. Despite having a large number of levels that take place in the real world, these are the only bug enemies in the game, aside from the PS1-exclusive Cockroach enemies who appear in one level.

In the N64 and PS2 versions of the game, they have been retextures to resemble black widows. In the PS1 version, they are identical to the spiders from the original game.