(​​Not to be confused with Sarge)Edit
"Sarge" Hawk
Sargeant Hawk
Titles Sergeant
Nation Plastic World
Age 30-40
Status Unknown
Race Army Men
Role Protagonist
Affiliation Green
Weapons M-16 (Main Weapon), all the weapons he can find.

Sgt. Hawk (mostly reffered as Sarge) is the no nonsense de-facto leader of the green army and the official leader of Bravo Company: A squad of super soldiers made from the greatest minds from various fields.

His favourite holiday destination is on the front lines and killing the Tan Army is his favourite past-time.

He commands his troops with a iron fist and his nerves of steel has made him survive ordeals that would spell fate for any other green soldier. He has little tolerance for slacking and keeps a strong discipline for his troops, often being idolised by many green soldiers as well as being Col. Grimm's right hand man. He is extremely profecient with a variety of weapons, including improvised ones.

He has a personal like for his Green Troops, Bravo Company and Vikki Grimm and will up to anything to throw his troops into the fires of war and drag them back out of its ashes nearly unscathed.



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  • Sgt. Hawk is an E-5 Sergeant.
  • It is possible that Sgt. Hawk was the Sarge that died in Army Men: Major Malfunction, though most fans tend to not follow this theory. Another theory is that he is Major Malfunction, due to them sharing the same rank and the same name. Some fans have also speculated that the Sarge that got melted was a clone of Sgt. Hawk potentially made from one of the stolen molds that Lord Malice captured during the events of Sarges War.
  • According to Sarge's Heroes, Sergeant Hawk has a brother who's middle name is "suicide", who eventually died.
  • A photo of Sgt.Hawk and Vikki can be seen in Portal Runner.