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Sgt. Hawk (mostly referred to as just Sarge) is the leader of Bravo Company, A squad of super soldiers made from the greatest minds from various fields, and the player character in many Army Men games, starting with Army Men: Sarge's Heroes.


Sarge's Heroes continuity[]

His favorite holiday destination is on the front lines, and killing the Tan Army is his favorite past-time.

He commands his troops with a iron fist and his nerves of steel has made him survive ordeals that would spell fate for any other green soldier. He has little tolerance for slacking and keeps a strong discipline for his troops, often being idolized by many green soldiers as well as being Col. Grimm's right hand man. He is extremely proficient with a variety of weapons, including improvised ones.

He has a personal like for his Green Troops, Bravo Company and Vikki Grimm and will do anything to throw his troops into the fires of war and drag them back out of its ashes nearly unscathed.

While little of his backstory is explained in the games, it is known that Sarge's father was "melted to goo" by the Tan.[1] During the events of Sarge's Heroes, he is the only member of the Bravo Company to evade capture, and spends the game breaking into Tan compounds and freeing the other members one-by-one. During his escapades, he is the first member of the Green Army to discover the Portals that lead to the Real World. He ultimately defeats General Plastro and leaves him plastered in the real world.

Sarge helps lead the Green counteroffensive following the plastrification of the Tan Nation's leader. Sarge, Vikki, and the Bravo Company are able to disable the railroad system the tan are using to transport a new de-plastrification serum, and track down and destroy its source at Dr. Madd's castle. Sarge is later able to capture Field Marshal Tannenburg and force him to sign a peace treaty with the Green Nation. However, at the signing ceremony, Plastro returns from the Real World, rescued by Brigitte Bleu, and quickly turns the tide of the war with help from a new army created from real-world toys using the de-plastrification serum. Ultimately, Sarge is still able to defeat Plastro yet again, and lock him in prison.

Though he usually works as a ground commando, Sarge also serves a co-pilot to Captain William Blade in Army Men: Air Combat and Army Men: Air Combat - The Elite Missions.

Sarge's War Continuity[]

In Army Men: Sarge's War, Sarge has been traveling into the Real World and fighting the Tan since before being the leader of Bravo Company, rather than discovering the portals for the first time himself. He previously served under Major Gooding, who he accidently abandoned after the latter was assumed dead in combat.

Instead of successfully imprisoning Plastro, in this timeline, Plastro continues fighting until he is ultimately captured and forced to sign a peace treaty with the Green Nation, only for Lord Malice to bomb the peace ceremony and kill both the Green and Tan leadership, taking over the Tan Nation himself. Sarge fights his way through Lord Malice's men and ultimately defeats him as well, avenging his fallen friends.

Major Malfunction Continuity[]

Major Malfunction's story begins with the death of "Sarge" by Microwave, causing Green Command to send Private Anderson to stop the toy army led by a traitorous Green soldier named "Hawk", who is later revealed to have been the one that betrayed and killed Sarge.

Which of these characters is meant to be the Sgt. Hawk of the original games, if either, is ambiguous.


  • In Sarge's Heroes, Sgt. Hawk makes a joke about having a brother who's middle name was "Suicide", who died.
  • Sgt. Hawk is an E-5 Sergeant.
  • A photo of Sgt. Hawk and Vikki can be seen in Portal Runner.
  • In Army Men: Turf Wars, Sgt. Hawk has the model of the N64 grunt.


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