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It is an imaginary division made up of a chain of islands in the Plastic World. In this place apparently the Tan army began an archaeological excavation, they found ancient remains and a temple in the area. In the middle of that temple there was a portal.


A Green Colonel was sent to this tropical island region on a secret reconnaissance mission in order to monitor why there was so much Tan activity in that region, since the region had no apparent strategic value. Later Green command received a somewhat confusing report from the Colonel before they lost contact with his entire platoon. That was a week before they sent Sarge on a mission to search after him.

The colonel's message said:

"There's evidence everywhere here of a large scale archaeological excavation but whatever the Tan were looking for they either found it or lost interest because it looks like they picked up and left in a hurry. Wait a minute HQ, we found... (communication lost)"

That is all what remains of the message. After this report, the Green army failed to make any additional contact with the Colonel. He went dark for quite some time and his status was unknown. Fearing he had been captured, they sent a scout after him. They lost contact with the scout as well.

Sarge and his men were airlifted to the scout last known location. They rescue the scout and he tells them that the Colonel is apparently having created an independent group of Green, Tan, Blue and Grey soldiers who took the ruins of an ancient temple and quartered themselves there. AWOL Colonel group wish to destroy every warring faction in order to create world peace. Apparently the Colonel and his followers killed, burned and impaled anyone who did not join them, therefore it is assumed that some members of his platoon ended up this way.

His "dream" is regarded as insanity by Green Command, and they order Sarge to chase him down. During the chase the Colonel says a couple of enigmatic lines that clarify his thoughts:

"You think you know what reality is? All you know is what you've been told. You're an errand boy for a diluted master. This war must end and the only way that can happen is to eliminate the soldiers" - says the Colonel before escaping to the Real World.

"I don't wanna kill you Sarge. But you leave me no choice. You won't feel a thing because you're not even real."


  • We could assume that the madness that overtook the Colonel was caused by the possible trip he made using this portal, or the things he and his people discovered in that archaeological excavation, since all his madness apparently started there. The Colonel himself says in his message that "whatever the Tan were looking for they either found it or lost interest because it looks like they picked up and left in a hurry" which makes everything more confusing and unclear.