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Nation Plastic World
Age Unknown
Status Deceased (Possibly still alive)
Race Plastic Soldier
Role Pyrotechnican
Affiliation Green Army
Weapons Flamethrower

Scorch is a Bravo Company commando with one superheated goal: To hear every Tan soldier scream, every enemy melt and the smell of molten plastic. No wonder his bed is actually a box of matches.

Scorch's childish manner is well balanced with his hot topics involving a flamethrower, which he feels right at home with.

Appearences Edit

Army Men: RTSEdit

Scorch is a unique unit to the Green Army. He works well against infantry and structures but he will need protection from anti-infantry units.

Army Men Edit

On the third you are given a soldier with a flamethrower, he has the name of "Scorch" but has no dialogue and has a different model as opposed to the Sarge's Heroes' Scorch.


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