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This article is about the main protagonist of the original Army Men games. You may be looking for Sgt. Hawk or SGT Green

Sarge AA1
Nation Green
Affiliation Green Nation
Status Alive
Debut Army Men

Sarge is the original protagonist of the Army Men series, appearing in the original trilogy, as well as Army Men 3D. Unlike Sarge Hawk, Sarge is visually similar to a standard Green Nation soldier and has a sarcastic, bleak attitude. He leads squads of Green soldiers in an attempt to defeat the Tan Republic.


Sarge is a no-nonsense soldier that is frequently sent out on missions to protect the Green Nation's integrity and land from the Tan Republic's ever increasing attempts at conquest.

He is skilled in handling all types of weapons, such as mortars, grenades, and flamethrowers, and can control most vehicles with ease as well.

In Games[]

Army Men and Army Men 3D[]

Sarge is sent out by the Green Nation to reclaim what was once Green territory and foil the Tan Republic's nefarious schemes. After engaging in combat with the Tan through different areas, while the Green Nation develops new weapons to defend themselves against new technology the Tan had developed, he enters through a mysterious portal alone, and ends up in the Real World. He becomes stranded there for long enough where his disappearance is questioned through newspaper articles.

Army Men II[]

Army Men II picks up immediately where Army Men ended, with some minor changes. Sarge had entered the portal with a small team of Green soldiers, and is almost immediately assaulted by Tan soldiers. Hastily escaping from the kitchen he arrived at, he quickly reestablishes contact with Green Command, and he is sent on numerous missions to disrupt more Tan schemes.

Sarge and his squad eventually run across Major Mylar and put an end to him, unaware that they were indirectly aiding General Plastro by eliminating the Major and stopping his rogue faction.

Army Men: Toys in Space[]

Sarge's first mission in this game is to rescue hostages, and then destroy a secret Tan base. He comes across a UFO which had crashed earlier in a sandbox, and narrowly escapes a horde of Tan soldiers by retreating underneath the sandbox. It is there that he meets Tina Tomorrow, leader of the Galactic Army, and he assists her in destroying local energy generators. Once finished, they destroy the remains of the UFO above them, and Tina leaves Sarge behind to return to her own world.

Later on, Sarge is in the Green capitol on patrol duty, when it is suddenly attacked by Tan and alien forces. Struggling to hold off the threat, Sarge and his squad are able to rescue a portion of the population and escape the doomed city, retreating through a bathroom. Miraculously, they are able to secure the civilians and defend them against an overwhelming Tan counterattack during their retreat.

Tina suddenly returns to take Sarge to her own world, where the two work together to stop the Space Aliens. After they recover data regarding the whereabouts of the Alien Overlord, they assault the Space Aliens' base. After heavy fighting, they manage to defeat the Alien Overlord and save not just Tina's world, but also Sarge's.


  • It is unknown what became of Sarge after Army Men: Toys in Space, as the actions of him and his men made virtually no impact on the world of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes at all.
    • Furthermore, in Sarge's Heroes, portals are something that were just discovered. This is a direct conflict with the events of the original Army Men trilogy, which heavily utilizes portals; Through this information, as well as other subtle details, it can be assumed that the Army Men series went through a soft reboot after Army Men: Toys in Space.
  • In every game Sarge featured in, he has had the most HP out of any standard Green infantry; however, in Army Men II, it was possible for units to actually surpass Sarge's health if they lived long enough and gathered enough experience points.
  • Unlike Hawk who often stood off with Plastro face to face, Sarge never once met the original version of General Plastro during gameplay or cutscenes, though Plastro was typically observing Sarge's actions from afar.
  • In the Army Men trailer, Sarge and a unnamed Green soldier are seen running from a trench, this is the representation of a part of the game manual.