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The Robot is a unit found only in Army Men: Toys in Space.

The Robot is a bulky square android that moves on treads and has thin arms. It has the highest health of any normal unit, only equalled by the Commander. It has a shock attack it uses in melee, dealing damage in a similar manner to the Flamethrower but without the range or risk of friendly fire.

it also serves the same function as the Radar building, allowing it to detect enemy units through Fog of War. As it can move, what it detects can change depending on it's and the enemy's location, allowing you to keep track of enemies trying to stay out of sight. As a unit, it can also respawn, unlike the Radar which needs to be repaired.

Toys in Space manual[]

A mechanical android that is slightly larger than a space trooper. it is able to shoot electrical bolts from its arms. A robot can also provide radar detection within a limited range.