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The Rifleman is a unit in many Army Men games.

Army Men 1/2/TiS[]

Riflemen fire single shots, dealing decent damage. They are very cheap units in multiplayer, because they lack the sheer damage of the other units. In groups they can take down units with group fire, but on their own they are not very useful.

Sarge is functionally a hero unit Rifleman, having an identical weapon and more health. However, he can also fire repeatedly by holding down the fire button and fire while running, unlike the Rifleman themselves, which need to press repeatedly.

Army Men RTS[]

In this game, Riflemen are called Grunts.

The Grunt is the most basic and cheapest unit in Army Men: RTS. They can fight infantry, armor, and air units. Being the first unit to be unlocked, they are great for the earlier levels. However, their weakness makes them impractical during later levels, where the Machine Gunner seems to be superior to them in every way. However if one is skilled enough, they can win the war deploying only Grunts.

Manual description(Army Men RTS)[]

You can never have enough Grunts in your platoon. They operate by targeting one thing and firing at it continuously with rifles. They are not only the cheapest unit you can create, but are also effective against the entire Tan Army.