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Riff is Bravo Company's anti-tank specialist. Unlike his more wild and cocky squadmates, tying his love for Jazz and the explosions of enemy armor and plastic soldier pieces. Riff takes on a more cool-headed approach to his squad-leader; resulting in them both being close friends.

His cool head is essentially ideal in wielding the heavy bazookas for the tougher jobs, his squad faces.


Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

He is the first of the Bravo Company Commandos to be rescued by Sarge, while in a Tan Base.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

While Riff plays a minor role in both the Playstation and N64 versions of the game, in the Game Boy Color version (set in an alternate continuity) he is one of the three playable characters in the game alongside Scorch and Vikki Grimm who assist SGT Hawk on fighting against a Tan resurgence lead by General Plastro. This game notably shows that he is adept at commandeering vehicles and aircraft(But given the games dubious canonicity uncertain if he really has these abilities in the main continuity).

Army Men: RTS[]

Riff appears in Army Men: RTS as the hero version of the Bazooka Man unit during the campaign.

Army Men: Sarge's War[]

Riff is seen at the beginning of the game taking out an enemy vehicle. He stays behind to secure the area while Sarge goes on to liberate the rest of Green Town. He is supposedly killed along with the rest of Bravo Company due to the bomb at the peace ceremony. However, at the end of Sarge's War, Sarge found storage tubes, that may suggest that Malice simply copied the Bravo Company soldiers, and killed the clones instead to drive Sarge crazy.


  • It's said in the manual for Army Men: Sarge's Heroes that Riff plays a mean saxaphone.
  • In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 manual picture and in the Army Men RTS intro, you can see that Riff wears three small hoop earrings on his left ear and a saxaphone earring on his right ear.
  • In Sarges War, Riff is the only character who is seen during gameplay, not just a cutscene. He is present on the very first level where he and Sarge are fighting in the street against tan. He can die on this level, although Sarge doesn't seem to notice. Even if killed, Riff will stil appear at the peace signing, and meet his end a second time.
  • In Sarges War, Riff can recieve 6-7 hits with the Carbine.
  • His biography in Sarge's Heroes states that he was made out of plastic guitar picks found in a jazz club.