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The timid minesweeper of Bravo Company.

Hoover is a rather cowardly soldier and does not take combat as seriously as the rest of the company does. He is usually in the back, quivering in his boots, and will refuse to come out, until the coast is clear before he does his job. He only is in the front if his duties demand it; namely clearing out mine fields.

Despite his shaky behavior, Hoover is has unflailing loyalty to Bravo Company. Sarge and the other members do not seem to be aware of his flaws, or choose to overlook them, probably out of desire to act as a team. It was said that while he is nerdy, there have been multiple occasions the survival of all of Bravo Company was dependent on him.

His natural reflexes, and sensitivity to danger made him a natural minesweeper. It was said he could handle the minesweeping device as smoothly as a floor buffer. Hoover went to minesweeping school because Bravo Company did not need a janitor.


Army Men: RTS[]

Hoover is a Unique Unit for the Green Army in Army Men: RTS. He is essentually a Mine Sweeper unit, except he has a larger radius for his minesweeper and considerably more health.


  • His name may be a play on Hoover vacuum cleaners. He also shares his name with Herbert Clark Hoover, who served as the 31st President of the United States.