Titles Private
Nation Plastic World
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Plastic Soldier
Role Minesweeper
Affiliation Green Army
Weapons Mine Detector
The timid minesweeper of Bravo Company.

Hoover is a rather cowardly soldier and dosen't take combat as seriously as the rest of the company does. He is usually in the back, quivering in his boots, and will refuse to come out, until the coast is clear before he does his job.

Despite his shaky behaviour, Hoover is unwittingly loyal to the company and will relunctingly try his best to rescue his company from even danger that they can't handle. Although, he'll need a poke in the right direction beforehand.

His natural reflexes, and sensitivity to danger, has honoured him with the serious job of clearing mines.

Appearences Edit

Army Men: RTS Edit

Hoover is a Unique Unit for the Green Army in Army Men: RTS. He is essentually a Mine Sweeper unit, except he has a larger radius for his minesweeper and considerably more health.


  • He shares his Last name with former US President Herbert Clark Hoover who served as the 31st President of the United States.