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Power-ups are special boosts appearing in various Army Men games.

Army Men 1/2/Toys in Space[]

In Army Men: Toys in Space, there are several types of power-ups.

Sarge Power-ups[]

These are power-ups that change Sarge's main weapon.

  • Heavy Machine Gun: Faster and deals more damage than Sarge's main gun. Called 'Automatic Rifle' and Autorifle' in Army Men 1 and 2.
  • Vulcan Machine Gun: Even faster and deals more damage. Only in Army Men II and Toys in Space.
  • Laser Rifle: Fires out a laser shot at about the same rate as Sarge's normal rifle, but dealing even more damage than the other upgrades. Only in Toys in Space.

Weapon Power-Ups[]

Weapon Power-ups are green power-ups that give Sarge different weapons with limited ammo. While other units have unlimited ammo, Sarge can move while firing unlike them.

  • Aerosol Can: Targets anywhere on the map with aerosol, effectively acting asa flamethrower on the target while it lasts. First appeared in Army Men 2.
  • Bazooka: Same as the weapon used by the Bazooka Man.
  • DDT Can: Similar to Aerosol, but specifically meant to kill ants and other insects, including the Alien Spider unit. These enemies will die instantly when sprayed, but it only has three uses. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Explosives: Charges that can be dropped and will explode after a countdown, a timer appearing when it is placed. Primarily used on stationary targets.
  • Flamethrower: Short range weapon that reduces enemies to plastic sludge quickly but burns through ammo just as fast. Note that running while using it will burn you if you move into the flames before they dissipate.
  • Flyswatter: Targets anywhere on the map, swatting the enemy. Has three uses. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Glue: Targets anywhere on the map, preventing the targeted enemies from moving. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Grenades: Same as the weapon used by the Grenadier.
  • Hammer Mine: Spawns a large nail on the map where you click. A giant hammer will fall shortly afterward if an enemy is in range, crushing them.
  • Baseball: A baseball is thrown, damaging any units it passes through. Has three uses. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Incendiary Mortar: Acts as a normal mortar, but also leaves flames. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Land Mines: Leaves mines in the direction you press. They explode when allies walk over them as well, so be careful.
  • M-80: An explosive charge that is placed on the back of an enemy, detonating after a short time. Cannot be placed on enemy Sarges in multiplayer. First appeared in Army Men 2.
  • Magnifying Glass: Uses a magnifying glass to melt enemies focused under it. The area of effect is fairly small, however. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Mortar: Same as the weapon used by the Mortar Man.
  • Sniper Rifle: An extremely long ranged gun that does high damage but has little ammo. First appeared in Army Men 2.

Sarge's Equipment[]

Non-weapon power-ups Sarge can use.

  • Disguise: Comes in several colors, depending on the teams in the multiplayer match. This temporarily changes Sarge to the color of the team indicated on the power-up. This also changes how Sarge appears on the map. If Sarge attacks, the disguise wears off. First appeared in Army Men 2.
  • Med-Pack: Fully heals all units on your team when used.
  • Minesweeper: Allows you to remove mines by moving over them with the sweeper.
  • Wrench: Repairs damaged vehicles. First appeared in Army Men 2.

Equipment Power-ups[]

Equipment Power-ups are grey squares with different symbols indicating what they do. Unlike normal pick-ups, these can be used by any unit that runs over them, not just Sarge. They only appear in Toys in Space.

  • Adrenaline Boost: This powerup has the image of a lightning bolt on it. It lets the unit that picks it up move twice as fast.
  • Med Kit: Fully heals all units for the player that picks it up.
  • Force Field: Covers the unit in a barrier that completely stops damage for several seconds. It starts to flicker before it fades, warning the player it will expire.
  • Flak Jacket: Absorbs 60% of the damage the unit that wears this takes.

Air Support Power-ups[]

  • Air Attack: Calls in three helicpters to launch strike on the spot you indicate on the map. Also reveals fog of war over where they fly. Unlike the other air powers, the helicopters appear on the map as they fly, appearing from the northwest corner of the map and fly to the location where they were called to. As they fly, they fire bullets on any enemies in range, and once they arrive at the location they bombard the location with mortar and bazooka fire before flying back. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Air Strike: Calls over a bomber, dropping bombs over a large horizontal area. Unlike Air Attack, this bomber only appears as a shadow, warning those in the area they are about to be bombarded.
  • Air Reconnaissance: Calls a plane over, same as Air Strike, but it instead reveals units over where it flew temporarily.
  • Napalm Air Strike: Same as Air Strike, but leaves a trail of flames. Only in Toys in Space.
  • Paratroopers: Drops down three extra units- two Riflemen and one other random trooper.(Bazooka Man, etc)
  • Space Trooper Reinforcements: A UFO flies over, and three Galactic Army units are beamed down. Only in Toys in Space.

Army Men: RTS[]

In Army Men: RTS, power-ups give global upgrades to all or part of your units in the battlefield and last until the end of the current mission.

Weapon boost

This power-up increases the firepower of all your units.

RTS manual - Weapon boost

Speed boost

This power-up increases the rate of movement of your troops.

RTS manual - Speed boost

Health boost

This power-up gives full health to all of your units on the map.

RTS manual - Health boost