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Plastrification (also known as being Plastered) is a devastating, debilitating affliction to a plastic soldier. If one spends too much time in the Real World, they gradually turn into a toy soldier. Their movement becomes severely limited, and they can only emit simple grunts.


Plastrification usually spells doom for any plastic soldier unlucky enough to become afflicted by it. The concept is first explained by Scorch in his namesake mission. At the end of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, General Plastro was left stranded in the Real World, without a way back home, and as such, he was Plastered.

At some point later, Dr. Madd created a serum that reversed Plastrification, and gave it to Brigette Bleu to free General Plastro from his ailment. The serum was blue in color, and emitted from Brigette's perfume bottle (in the N64 version it was funneled through a flamethrower-like device.) It could also bring life to inanimate objects in the Real World as well, as Plastro and Brigette traveled to a toy store and took control of robot soldiers there by giving them the serum.

Dr. Madd began to mass produce the serum out of a refrigerator in the real world, transporting it via Train to his Castle, where it was stockpiled and distributed. This production was later sabotaged by Sgt. Hawk and Bravo Company, who blew up a bridge to stop the transit trains, raided the fridge, and then launched a strike against Dr. Madd's castle, destroying most of the serum.

At some point, a serum that causes plastrification was also developed, presumably by Dr. Madd. It was pink in color, and was used by Brigette to plastrify Sgt. Hawk. Very shortly afterwards, Vikki Grimm unplastered him using the first serum.

After the events of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, Plastrification seems to be relegated to a minor concern. Bridgette Bleu seems to be living in the Toy Store full-time by the events of Portal Runner, and the Green and Tan build elaborate military bases in the Real World in Army Men: RTS and Army Men: Air Combat. Though Plastrification is not mentioned by name, the existence of non-army-men toys who are alive, such as the Villagers in RTS or the Teddy in Air Combat, imply that the effects of the De-Plastrification serum continue to affect the setting of the Army Men games.

Plastered individuals[]

  • General Plastro (Unplastered by Brigitte Bleu)
  • Tan Soldier - In the Desk level, near the entrance portal
  • Green Soldier - In the Cashier level, hidden on the other side of a boombox, right behind where Sarge spawns
  • Sgt. Hawk - Plastered by Brigitte Bleu using the Plastrification serum (Unplastered by Vikki Grimm)


  • Plastrification, while seemingly a prevalent theme in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, was completely ignored in several other games. While it does not seem to exist outside of the Sarge's Heroes Continuity, even games that take place in the same canon as Sarge's Heroes, including Army Men: RTS, ignore the concept. Units are seen moving, fighting, and even being created in the Real World for extended periods of time with no hindrance whatsoever.
    • An in universe argument could be made that by the time the events of the game took place, the vaccination serum mentioned by Bridgette became widely available to all active armies in the real world, thus eliminating the effects of Plastrification altogether.