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The Plastic World is the place where the Army Men lives alongside other toy-like beings.


The Plastic World, as the name would imply, is the world in which the titular plastic Army Men reside and hail from. The world is scaled appropriately to their size, and consists of realistic environments. Despite being referred to as the Plastic World, it largely consists of non-Plastic materials such as water.

While it is unclear whether the grass and other plants of the Plastic World are meant to be living, growing beings or instead static scenery, trees' leaves will burn if hit with a flamethrower or explosive in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, leaving the burnt trunk of the tree remaining, implying they are made of different materials.

The Plastic World seems to be mostly devoid of animal life, though a Lion does appear in Portal Runner. Several Bugs have been introduced to the Plastic World artificially, as with the spiders seen in Dr. Madd's Castle and the Ice Station Gulag.

Original Continuity[]


In the Original Continuity of the Army Men Series, the Plastic World consists of the Northern Mountains, Western Deserts (implied to be the homeland of the Tan), and Southern Swamps (where the Grey reside). There is also a tropical island area known as the Douglas Islands, where the AWOL Green Colonel is sent on a mission before disappearing, as shown in Army Men II.

A map of the world can be seen in the mission select of Army Men: World War where three continents are shown (they appear to be similar to North America, an island continent in between that resembles South America, though it isn't attached to anything, and the Eurasian continent.).

There is also a pacific island area (stated in Army Men: World War). The Eastern part of the world houses the Blue Nation (a border is seen but it is unknown if this is another country) while the Western houses the Tan Republic and the Grey Nation. It is unclear where the Black Nation Civilians in Army Men: Toys in Space hail from. In the game the North American-esque continent is home to the Tan capital, the Pacific continent resembles South America (though it is unknown if any country resides there.), and the Eurasian continent holds the Blue Nation with another possible country to the south of it.

Sarge's Heroes Continuity[]

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, "The World" can be seen in the multiplayer level select map. It consists only of two major landmasses, and it's unclear if more exist beyond them. One large continent winds from southwest to northeast, with mountains on either extreme; It mostly consists of prairies and forest regions, with an alpine area in the northeast mountains where the Ice Station Gulag is likely located. To the Southwest lies a skull-and-crossbones shaped island wherein Fort Plastro is located.

Though this map is labelled as "The World" in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 (where it is seen in the intro to the game), it is unlikely this is actually a map of the entire world, as it's unclear where the Blue Nation and Grey Nation, much less the other minor nations such as the Red Nation and Orange Nation, could possibly reside given the very limited space. Further, the map does not seem to show some environments shown in the games, such as the thick jungles seen in Army Men: Green Rogue, or the canyon environment shown in the Bridge level of Sarge's Heroes 2.

Major Nations[]

  • BlueNationFlag Blue - The Blue Nation are known for their espionage, sabotage and their Blue spy network than their Blue Army. They maintain a fluid alliance with the Green Nation and may work for the Tans if it beneficial towards their nation.
  • GreenNationFlag Green - The Green Nation is the leading rival against the Tan Republic's aggression. Leading an alliance of nations against the Tan. They have been able to turn the tide against the Tan despite being outnumbered and outgunned by the larger Tan Republic.
  • GreyNationFlag Grey - The Grey Nation is under occupation by the Tan Army and as result the Greys are known for their guerrilla fighting against the Tan. Dr. Madd, a grey scientist loyal to the Tan, is the most notable figure from this nation.
  • TanRepublicFlag Tan - The Tan Republic is an aggressive nation wanting world domination and power. It is usually lead by General Plastro, with Field Marshal Tannenburg and Brigitte Bleu taking on interim leadership roles in some games.

Minor Nations[]

  • Red Republic - Red Republic make subtle appearances. One of them is rescued from Dr. Madd's castle. Additionally, in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, there is a cut-scene where Shrap is rescued from the spider machine by Reds. Red soldiers can be played in Army Men: Sarge's War and the multiplayer of Army Men: RTS, but none of these appearances has revealed anything about their society or standing in the Plastic World, aside from them most likely being at war with the Tan.
  • Orange Nation - Orange Nation is under the occupation by the Tan Republic during the start of Army Men II. Out of all the nations mentioned in the games, the Orange are the most obscure, as no Orange NPCs have appeared or even been mentioned. The Orange Army is playable in the multiplayer mode of Army Men: RTS.
  • Black Nation - Black civilians appeared Army Men: Toys in Space and parts of Black soldiers are seen on the Zombies in Army Men II.
  • Purple Nation-Only seen in the multiplayer mode of Army Men: RTS, they are most likely cousins of the Blue and are a satellite or ruled by the Blue nation.
  • Teal Nation-Only seen in the multiplayer mode of Army Men: RTS, They are most likely related to the Green Nation in some capacity.
  • Olive Nation-Only seen in the multiplayer mode of Army Men: RTS, They are most likely related to the Green Nation in some capacity.