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The Pillbox is a defensive building in several Army Men games.

Army Men 2/TiS[]

Pillboxes are buildings that the player can use in multiplayer games. They are structures that hold a single unit holding either a rifle, machine gun, or a bazooka. These units cannot leave the pillbox, and other units cannot enter; functionally they are the building. They will fire on enemies that get close by, but they cannot be manually controlled.

Toys in Space manual[]

A fortified bunker occupied by a single soldier who may be armed with a Rifle, a Bazooka or a Heavy Machine Gun.

Army Men: RTS[]

The Pillbox is a very powerful base defense against most of the game's ground units. Tanks are resilient enough to inflict heavy damage to it, and mortar men can out-range it, but otherwise, the pillobox can fend off most ground assault. However, it is completly defenseless against choppers.

Manual description[]

This is a small building which allows the Soldiers inside to be protected, yet have the ability to shoot 360° from a single position. They are vulnerable from the air.