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Paratroopers are soldiers of any military in the Plastic World that is equipped with weapons such as the M-16 and are mainly found jumping from aircraft, Pulling their parachute for a safe descent into any battle.

Army Men: Air Attack[]

Paratroopers are used as a power up for Captain Blade to use again Tan fortifications. These Paratroopers are deployed with firecrackers sacrificing themselves in order to blow up tan bases and tanks, not unlike WW2 Kamikaze pilots.

Army Men: RTS[]

Paratroopers are an infantry unit featured in Army Men: RTS. They are only available through a Radio Operator. Upon requesting a "ready" Paratrooper squad at the desired location, a large air raid siren will go off followed by the sound of a plane swooping by and the arrival of five Paratroopers through parachuting. Paratroopers are an efficent unit in dealing with infantry, and can be a surprise to any foe, but like their real-life counterpart, will not survive on their own without eventual backup from your main army.