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The PT Boat is a vehicle that appears in many Army Men games. As a boat, it tends to show up less frequently than other vehicles.

Army Men II/Toys in Space[]

Sarge pilots a PT boat in Act II of Army Men II.

In both II and Toys in Space, the PT Boat is a vehicle that can be used in Battle mode, but it can only be placed in water, meaning in the latter game it can only be used on the map 'Tub Takeover'.

The boat is very quick and can carry up to six passengers. It fires a vulkan gun and has only 200 health, making it lightly armed and armored compared to the stronger vehicles.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

PT Boats appear in water levels under the control of the Tan Republic. They are slow-moving but have a large health pool, and take quite a few hits from any weapon to take out.