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Not to be confused with the Space Aliens, who also happen to be a shade of Orange.

Orange Soldier

Orange Army Men render made with the 3D model used in the games

The Orange Nation is among the most obscure nations in the Army Men continuity. They are first mentioned by name in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, when General Plastro is bragging about his plans to conquer all the nations in the Plastic World, including the Green Nation, Red Republic, and Blue Nation.

The Orange Nation's standing in the world is never elaborated on further. However, Orange civilians can be seen in the Army Men: Toys in Space mission "Alien Onslaught." They also physically appear in Army Men: RTS- Real Time Strategy, serving as an extra color for the multiplayer mode; They are not involved in the game's actual story.

An Orange American-Indian Cavalry warrior appears in the game Army Men Strike, as seen in this ad.

Nations in the Army Men Universe
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