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Omega metamorphosing into Super Omega

A supersoldier spliced from the DNA of all six members of Bravo Company.

The product of G.A.A.R.D.'s most advanced research, Omega soldier represents a new era in the Green Nation's long struggle for peace. His biogenetic composition gives him abilities that soldiers in the Green Army do not possess. The following abilities are associated with the Omega Soldier:

The Bio-Strike

In times of great peril, Omega Soldier has been genetically enhanced to use his living energy as a weapon. This effect dubbed a "Bio-Strike" by G.A.A.R.D. researchers, causes Omega Soldier to stop moving and become temporarily invulnerable to all forms of attack. A circular pulse of energy radiates from his body and quickly expands, damaging anything in its wake.

Super Omega Metamorphosis

Mr. X's gene-splicing techniques have gifted Omega Soldier with the ability to morph into Super Omega, a stronger but genetically unstable physical form that enables increased attacking power. There are two ways to transform into Super Omega: first by, upgrading any weapon to its fullest value, and second by picking up a hero power-up. Super Omega is taller, stronger, and more resilient against all attacks. When this status is achieved via the hero power-up, any weapon he carries is immediatly upgraded to it's maximum capacity and any weapon he changes to will also be at its maxim

Shortly after his creation, Field Marshal Tannenburg tries to have his Tan Forces capture Omega.

He fights through a whole Tan army, ultimately prevailing and heading back to Green Base via helicopter with Col. Grimm and Sgt. Hawk. He makes his only appearance in Army Men: Green Rogue for the Sony Playstation and Playstation 2. He is the only male of the series to wear pants and equipment that are not molded to him.