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The Mortar Man is a unit in many Army Men games. Mortar men have some of the longest range of any unit in the games they appear in and their explosives have a large radius.

Army Men 1/2/TiS[]

Mortar Men are effectively more powerful Grenadiers- they can fire their explosives far greater distances and they have a much larger radius and power when they land. As with all explosives friendly fire is an issue, but in this case you could wipe out your own forces if you shoot too close to them. It would be best to field a Mortar Man seperately, perhaps sending them off on their own to attack enemies at range.

Army Men RTS[]

In Army Men: RTS they are a strictly anti-building unit, only able to attack structures. They have very high range, splash damage, and deal good damage, but have low health, so make sure your other units are engaging any enemies while the Mortar man acts as a saboteur.

Manual description(Army Men RTS)[]

Mortar Men attack structures only, so send them out directly to each Tan base for some serious long-range wreckage. Remember, if they can see it, they can destroy it.