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Mines are weapons and traps found in several Army Men games.

Army Men/2/TiS[]

Land Mines appear in several levels as dangers that must be cleared. Sarge can plant his own mines if he finds the Land Mine power-up, or remove them if he finds the Minesweeper power-up. Without the Minesweeper, you cannot see enemy mines. Your own appear on the map for you so you can avoid stepping on them. They also can be destroyed remotely with explosives.

In multiplayer, you can place mines in your starting area for 10 Plastic each.

Sarge's Heroes[]

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, Minefields are found in several levels. If Sarge walks into a mine, he will lose most of his health.

In the Riff mission, Sarge gets access to Mines to make up for the lack of bazookas and other explosive weapons for most of the level. They can be used to disable Tan Tanks, preventing them from moving. As the tank's turret cannot rotate 180 degrees, this makes it incapable of attacking Sarge as long as he is behind it.

Army Men RTS[]

The Mine is a building built by the Minelayer that deals a high amount of AOE damage to all enemy units caught within its blast. It is destroyed instantly if an enemy Minesweeper detects it. These buildings disappear after exploding. It only appears in Army Men: RTS.