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Malice's Tans are an offshoot faction of the TanRepublicFlag Tan that appear only in Army Men: Sarge's War, as the main antagonists of that game. At the news of General Plastro's intention to surrender to the GreenNationFlag Green, the vengeful Lord Malice gathered Tan followers that didn't want peace between the Green Nation and Tan Republic; creating a new rogue faction.

Grimm tasks Sarge with seeking out Malice, who has now stolen Army Man infantry molds; meaning he is capable of creating an army. Sarge does not take Bravo Company with him, allowing them instead to attend a peace ceremony taking place in Greentown, where Plastro will surrender. When Sarge finds plans of a bomb to detonate at the ceremony, he is contacted by Malice, who tells Sarge the fate of those in Greentown is in his hands. Malice then detonated a bomb hidden in a statue during the peace ceremony in Greentown, killing both the Tan and Green, including all members of Bravo Company except Sarge, who arrives too late to stop the tragedy. Sarge then sets out on a mission to destroy Malice.

After his success, it is unknown what happened to the remaining soldiers after Malice was defeated.


Tan Soldiers: Regular Tan soldiers who work for Malice that appear in the early levels.

Tan Spotters: Armed with only a carbine, they are dangerous when calling in artillery fire or air strikes, and are later functioned as snipers.

Tan Grenadiers: True to their purpose, these soldiers specialize in using grenades, but are the more common enemy soldier in the later levels.

Tan Shotgunners: Uses shotguns to attack in close range.

Green Eaters: Tan special forces, they are a deadly combination of cutting edge weapons, crack training, and old-fashioned killing fury. A metal variant exists, but can only be taken out by a flamethrower.

Malice's forces have also the use of various types of vehicles: tanks, APCs, and Apache attack helicopters.