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Major Mylar
Nation Tan
Affiliation Tan Republic
Status Deceased
Debut Army Men II

Major Mylar is the main antagonist of Army Men II. He attempted to lead a coup against General Plastro, but he failed when he was defeated by Sarge.


Major Mylar is only ever seen twice; once at the start of the game, and then finally at the ending of the game, where he is fought against. It can be assumed he leads a rogue faction of Tan soldiers against General Plastro, though his reasoning for doing so is largely unknown.

During the final mission of the Army Men II, he takes shelter in a castle playset, alongside a large army of soldiers loyal to his cause, and must be defeated.

In Games[]

Army Men II[]

Major Mylar is the overarching main antagonist of Army Men II. When he first appears, he seals General Plastro inside of the Real World with Sarge by detonating the portal once he enters. He does not appear for the rest of the game, and it is unknown if the Tan forces Sarge battles against are part of Mylar's faction, or Plastro's.

He is finally confronted in the final level, utilizing a large cannon that lobs mortar shells at Sarge and his men. After a hard fought battle, Sarge is able to defeat him. In a last ditch effort, Major Mylar attempts to toss a grenade at Sarge; however, his arm melts off before he is able to throw it, and the grenade detonates below Mylar, seemingly killing him.

At some point after this battle, the Grey scientist, Dr. Madd, is seen piecing the shattered remains of Mylar back together.


  • Despite the teaser at the end of Army Men II, Major Mylar does not make a reappearance throughout the entire Army Men series.
  • The relationship between Major Mylar and his forces with the Tan Republic is largely unknown; he destroys the portal behind General Plastro so he cannot return to the Plastic World, yet still engages Sarge and the Green Nation in combat.
    • It is possible that he shares beliefs with the Green Colonel, and he believes that the conflict between all nations must come to an end, but this idea is never expanded upon. It is also likely that Mylar directly influenced the Green Colonel with his own beliefs.