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Lord Malice
AMSW Lord Malice
Nation Tan
Affiliation Tan Republic/Rogue Faction
Status Deceased
Debut Army Men: Sarge's War

Lord Malice (formerly Major Gooding) is the main antagonist in Army Men: Sarge's War. He bears a grudge against Sgt. Hawk as he percieves that Sarge had abandoned him during a mission.


Lord Malice is a vengeful and menacing commander. Once a loyal Major to the Green Nation, he was on a mission in the Real World, and he and a small squad had just reached their exfil point when they were ambushed by the Tan. Gooding was shot three times, losing an arm in the process, and was knocked into the drain of a kitchen sink. He watched helplessly as every unit in his squad was killed except for Sgt. Hawk. When a helicopter arrived, Gooding desperately called out to Sarge, who couldn't hear him; Sarge then proceeded to board the helicopter and leave the area, believing Gooding was dead. Furious at being left behind, Gooding pledged allegiance to the Tan Republic and was rebuilt by the Tan, who pieced him back together and gave him a mask and a replacement weaponized arm.


Near the end of the war between the Green Nation and Tan Republic, General Plastro intended to finally surrender to the Green after his failed assault on Greentown. Lord Malice had other plans, however, and began gathering soldiers for a new rogue faction. Col. Grimm tasked Sarge on seeking out Malice, who had stolen Army Men infantry molds one month prior; this gave him the capacity to create new soldiers and became a major threat in a short amount of time. Sarge left Bravo Company behind, allowing them to relax and he made plans to meet them at the upcoming ceremony.

Meanwhile, Lord Malice discusses plans on delivering a "Vengeance Device" with a Tan soldier, who confirms that the device was delivered. Later, after Sgt. Hawk discovers blueprints for a bomb, Malice would contact Sgt. Hawk via radio and taunt him, subtly revealing that the bomb is hidden in the peace statue in Greentown. When Sarge demands to know why Malice is doing this, he simply responds that he only wishes to see Sarge's pain as his squad is incinerated before his eyes.

Sgt. Hawk runs through a portal and attempts to warn everyone in Greentown, but is too late. The bomb exploded, destroying Greentown and killing everyone present. Ultimately, Malice's plans succeed as Sarge wanders aimlessly through the mess of melted plastic and dead soldiers and sees members of his squad, and later, Vikki. After this, Malice would send his rouge faction to scavenge Greentown for usable plastic to remold into new soldiers, as he would also find new sources of plastic to further enhance his army, and later, Malice would begin producing super soldiers, while Sgt. Hawk would make taking revenge against Malice his number one priority.

Sarge reaches Lord Malice's fortress, which features a portal leading to a kitchen that Sarge immediately remembers. In a flashback, he remembers the fateful mission where the squad he was in, led by Major Gooding, was ambushed. He believed Major Gooding was killed upon finding his arm near the sink and remarks that "War is hell", before continuing on with his mission. Eventually, Sarge finds Malice and the two engage in battle. Initially firing at Sarge atop an elevated platform at the center of the room and sending waves of super soldiers at him, Malice will leap down after sustaining enough damage. After fatally wounding Malice, Sarge again demands to know why Malice did everything.

After taking of his mask, Sarge recognizes Major Gooding is actually Lord Malice, and he angrily tells Sarge to finish him off already. Malice tells Sarge what really happened on the day of the ambush, still believing that Sarge intentionally left him behind. Malice uttered that he wanted Sarge to suffer the way he did and to pay for what happened that day, before finally succumbing to his wounds and dying.


  • Interestingly, during the final cutscene of Army Men: Sarge's War, machines can be seen which bear the names of Bravo Company, as well as Vikki and Col. Grimm. It is unknown what the significance of these machines are, but it's possible that Malice either cloned them, or this is where the originals are stored.
    • If this is the case, it makes Malice's motives unclear, as it would be illogical for him to make Sarge suffer, yet save his friends in some form.