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The Larva is a unit found only in Army Men: Toys in Space. They are cheap fodder units for the Space Aliens.

They are by far the cheapest unit to play in multiplayer, at 25 plastic. They have the lowest health and speed in the game, and while their acid spit can deal some damage over time, it still isn't much and almost any unit can destroy them from outside that range.

However, if they manage to defeat an enemy unit, Larva will develop into Spider units, making them more dangerous.

Toys in Space manual[]

A slow-moving, worm-like Alien offspring. They spit a deadly acid that can melt plastic into an edible substance that the larva can feed on. Once fed, larva evolves into the next stage of development: the Spider. Larva are the weakest of Alien lifeforms so getting rid of them while they are young may be your best bet.