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Jeeps are vehicles that appear in several Army Men games.


Army Men II/Army Men: Toys in Space[]

The Jeep is a vehicle units can ride in and use. It can hold two units inside it, and has a machine gun. However, it's armor is light, being no more durable than a unit out of a vehicle. Speed is it's primary defense. If it is destroyed, the units riding in it are as well.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

In Army Men: Air Combat, Tan Army jeeps are some of the first enemies encountered, and some of the weakest, alongside the regular tan infantry. Green Army jeeps also appear as friendly forces. Jeeps can move faster than infantry, and can attack using a machine gun.

Blue Nation Jeeps appear in a few levels. When killed, they will drop powerups or health for the player, similar to Blue Spies.

In the mission Have An Ice Day, the player must escort a green jeep to the portal.

Army Men: RTS[]

See: Medic and Minelayer