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The Huey is a helicopter that serves as a staple of aerial warfare for both the Tan Army and Green Army. It is the most common helicopter used in the Army Men series and the default helicopter in Army Men: Air Combat and Army Men: Air Tactics. In all the games it is seen in, it is depicted as being the fastest helicopter with the most mobility, enabling them to be effective air support for troops and armored vehicles.


Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

Col. Grimm and Sgt. Hawk use a Green Huey to escape when the Tan invade the Green Nation at the start of the game. Several missions start with Hawk being flown to the level by a Green Huey as well.

Tan Hueys, referred to in the game manual simply as "Helicopters," appear as enemies. They are armed with machine guns, and they are usually high above the player, enabling them to shoot past cover. As such, they cannot usually be shot with the auto-aim, requiring you to stand still and manually aim up at them to kill them. When killed, the helicopter will crash and explode, which can cause damage to Sarge if he's nearby.

Though Helicopters may be intimidating at first, they can easily be brought down even with the regular M16.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

Much like the original Sarge's Heroes, Sarge enters some levels via being flown in on a Green Huey. Tan helicopters are also unchanged from the first game in most versions. In the PS1 version of the game, they are called "Tan Attack Helicopters" and they are bosses instead of normal enemies, with larger health pools that can sustain multiple Bazooka blasts to accommodate this change.

A Green helicopter will aid the player in attacking the Tan Base. A Tan helicopter in the same level is grounded on a helipad, probably preparing to evacuate Field Marshal Tannenburg, but it will explode before it has the chance to take off.

A tan helicopter is used to imprison Vikki Grimm in a gumball machine in the level Cashier, while Vikki later uses a green helicopter to unplaster Sarge near the end of the game.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

The Huey is the first of four helicopters unlocked for the player in this game.

Tan Hueys also appear as enemies. Unlike the player's helicopter, they cannot use missiles or other pickup weapons, and only fire their machineguns. In the mission The Train That Could, a Tan Huey is fleeing the spawn area and will drop a battery if killed, which is necessary to start the Train.