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The Half-track is a lightly armored vehicule armed with a machinegun often present in Army men games. Depending on the game, it is used as a transport, a antipersonnel unit or just as a background element.


Army Men[]

The half-track appear numerous times in the first Army Men game. In the desert storyline, a green half-track need to be protected during the bank robbery. Just afterward, it need to be defended from numerous Tan attacks and ambushs as it carry the robbed plastic to blue spies (who also have a half-track).

Army Men: Toys in Space[]

The Half-Track is a vehicle that can be used in multiplayer, costing 100 plastic to place. It can hold up to 4 units in it to be trasported, while also firing on enemies with it's machine gun. It is slower and carries less than the usual truck, but it is as durable as a Tank. If it is destroyed, the troops inside reappear at it's location safely.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

The half-track only appear in the very last scene of Sarge's Heroes 2. General Plastro is forced to board a green one while being carried to be imprisoned.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

The half-tracks in this game have skis instead of tires, and appear only in cold levels. They are only used by the Tan.

Army Men: RTS[]

The Half-Track is a good all-around assault vehicle, and its ability to hit air targets, as well as ground troops, makes it a useful addition to any squad.