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The Guard Tower is a defensive building in Army Men: RTS.

The Guard Tower is a building that appears in several Army Men games.


Army Men: RTS[]

"Guard Towers are very effective for providing defense around the perimeter of the base and at the main entrance, as well as against Tan air attacks. Good towers can link to Barbed Wire Posts." -Manual

Guard Towers serve as a basic defense in Army Men: RTS. The tower can attack both ground and air units, though they have somewhat low resilience, meaning they are quite vulnerable against tanks and bazooka men. They are also very vulnerable to mortar men, since Guard Towers can't attack them (or even see them) because of their long range. It can be connected with other Guard Towers or barbed wire post with barbed wire, hampering enemy movements.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

Guard towers can usually be found guarding Tan and Green bases. They fire off basic rifle rounds and are immobile, but can take more damage than regular soldiers.