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Not to be confused with Grey Guard

Gray Soldiers are the infantry of the Grey Nation.

Army Men[]

In Army Men, Grey Soldiers appear in Bayou levels. Their homeland is occupied by the Tan Army, but they are also hostile to Sarge.

Army Men 2[]

In Army Men 2, Grey Soldiers appear in mission 5 "Mania", mission 6 "The Big Bang" and mission 7 "The Insane Grey Doctor". In missions 5 & 6 they are part of the multiple rogue factions soldiers of the AWOL Green Colonel. In mission 7 a small platoon is working for Dr. Madd.

Sarge's Heroes[]

In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, Grey Soldiers appear in the Shrap mission. They are being held captive in the Tan Republic's Ice Station Gulag. Sgt. Hawk can free several of them, and they will follow him and fight against the Tan Soldiers. They will wait at the helipad for evac once Sarge reaches that area.

Grey Soldiers are armed with M16 rifles.

Sarge's Heroes 2[]

Two Grey Soldiers appear in the mission Revenge, in the building next to the airstrip. They are hostile to General Plastro's Tan troops, but will usually be killed by them, as they are only armed with semi-automatic rifles whereas the tan are using machineguns.

Why the Grey Soldiers are in this mission is unclear, but as this mission takes place in a captured Tan Republic city, where Field Marshal Tannenburg is being forced to sign surrender papers, several inferences could be made. Since they're found at the airstrip, it's likely that these Grey Soldiers were either captives freed from the Tan base, waiting to be flown home, or were representatives from the Grey Nation that had flown in to witness the signing that would end their war with the Tan.

Green Rogue[]

In Army Men: Green Rogue, Grey Soldiers inexplicably fight on the side of the Tan.

A couple of Grey soldiers seen in Revenge of Sarge's Heroes 2.

A couple of Grey soldiers seen in Revenge of Sarge's Heroes 2.