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The Grey Colonel is a character who appears in Army Men and in Army Men 3D.

The Grey Colonel is a retired colonel of the Grey Nation which is under occupation by the Tan Republic during Army Men (and Army Men 3D).

The Colonel gives the Green army one key of the 3 used to open the first portal (in fact, the last key) and information about its power.


In exchange for helping his nation to liberate a factory taken over by the Tan and help him to escape from the territory around his mansion (Army Men & Army Men 3D). The Tans took the Colonel very seriously, to the point that they deployed 3 tanks and troops in the place, not to let him go out of his mansion or have contact with anyone. Upon rescuing him and before leaving the area in a Half-Track, he gave Sarge the blue key, precisely the last one the Green army was looking for. But after that Sarge is assigned the task of escorting him to a safehouse on the other side of a bridge, since the Tan had blocked the way for the passage of vehicles. After successfully completing this mission, the Colonel gave the Green army the information about the keys: He knew the secrets.

Describing that putting the 3 keys together a triangle shape would create a device that would open a portal with unknown powers, which was nearby, in a Cemetery. But when Sarge approached the Cemetery through a city that led directly there, the Grays began to attack Sarge and the Tan at the same time. The same thing continued to happen during the following events that led to the opening of the first portal.


  • This was the only time in canon videogames that the Gray nation attacked the Green nation, specifically just Sarge. Although it is not known with certainty whether these were intentions known by the Grey Colonel, or it was the Gray government that authorized this, presumably to prevent the secret from being known. There were other occasions where they came into conflict with some individuals from the Gray nation, but these were always renegades from their nation: followers of AWOL Colonel or Dr. Madd.