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Green Soldiers are the standard infantry of the Green army. For the most part, they act on their own, but in some games, they can be commanded and controlled in squads. Just like Tan soldiers, they can wield a variety of weapons at any given time, but are not as adept as Sarge, Pvt. Green or Sgt. Hawk, in utilizing such weapons and can typically only handle the weapon suited for their specific role on the battlefield.

In Games[]

Army Men[]

In Army Men, the Green soldiers only have a certain weapon that they can use, contrary to later games, they are fragile and can die with a single mortar round.

Army Men II[]

In Army Men II, Green soldiers are limited to only one weapon, and they do not have an "inventory" of items like Sarge does. Also unique to Army Men II is the XP system for Green soldiers. When enough XP is gained, the Green soldiers are granted a larger HP pool, giving them increased survivability in combat situations. Each surviving Green soldier from a previous mission is carried over into the next mission; it is possible to have a small army by the time the final level is reached.

Army Men: Toys in Space[]

Green soldiers sport much less health than their predecessors in this title. Unlike Army Men II, Sarge's squad is routinely swapped out. As such, the XP system for soldiers was removed, and there is less incentive to keep soldiers alive through multiple missions.

Army Men: World War[]

In the PC game, you can swap between your soldiers and you can give them weapons and other equipment, the XP system is the same as Army Men 2. In the PS1 port, they are mostly absent during the first stages, but they appear to have the same HP as any other enemy.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

They are way weaker than their other counterparts, to the point they can be overrun by a single Tan. They are very useless in terms of teammates.

Army Men: Sarge's War[]

In Army Men: Sarge's War, the green soldiers are shown as weaker and less intelligent as before. As opposed to previous games, they are almost useless from even the first level. Very rarely will one survive without the help of the player. Before an enemy even appears, three are killed retreating from three tans that are out of sight. It is interesting to point out that they are running even though their numbers are equal. Also, just around the corner, there are two more greens fending off two tans. However, this may be due to wanting Sarge and Riffs help, as both are well known. These retreating Soldiers cannot be saved.

As the first mission goes on, the Tan increasingly outnumber the green, and seemingly run through all of their resistance, despite the end result being a green victory.

After Green town is bombed, the only survivors ,it would seem, are the few rounded up by the tan, and a few pockets of resistance scattered around. Their are two notable prisoners, both of whom cannot be killed by the enemies. One is put aside by himself and heavily guarded, reflecting his importance. The other captured soldier is in a tan town with three others. What makes him stand out, is that he has the knowledge to move and fully operate an enemy APC. This is extremely interesting, as never in the game do you see a green owned combat vehicle, leaving you to wonder how he came to learn the machines operations. It also may be the one point in the game where a character can "carry" Sarge, as the player needs to do little work to wipe out the remaining guards.


  • In Army Men: Sarge's War, despite being portrayed as bold, fearless soldiers, there are four men in the game who shows no sign of bravery. When arriving on the second mission, two soldiers, having escaped, fill in Sarge on the situation. When one is killed showing Sarge which way to go, the other hides. Sarge is left alone to rescue this soldier's companions. The other three are the very first greens to be seen. They are retreating and leaving two other soldiers to fight 5-2 odds. Ironically, these soldiers have no chance of survival, where as the two being stranded can be saved
  • Throughout the series, the green soldiers only use the players default gun, while the tans use a variety of weapons. (Flamethrower, Sniper, etc.)
  • There were only 2 protagonist who were regular green soldiers, those being Pvt. Green and the unknown soldier from Operation Green.