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Allies of the Green Nation and enemies of the Space Aliens in Army Men: Toys in Space. They only appear in this game.

Led by Tina Tomorrow, the Galactic Army is light blue in colour and are provided as a spoof of early, 50's-60's Sci-Fi serials, their HQ located somewhere in the Alien Homeworld. The main army is female with support troopers (e.g. Gunners) being male. The Galactic Army provides a number of unique weapons to assist Sarge through Toys in Space - the stun guns especially adding a new dimension to the game's strategy. The Galactic Army, while of the same color, are not related to the Blue Nation.


The female grunt of the Galactic Army, armed with Freeze Pistols capable of paralyzing enemy units upon contact.

The mortar version of the Stunner, equipped with a Freeze Mortar able to freeze enemies on their tracks in a big blast radius.

With Gatling Gun blazing, this male trooper of the Galactic Army brings guaranteed bullet-based pain to all plastic enemies.

True to this support unit's name, the Napalm Mortar he uses can teach any afflicted plastic troops the meaning of "burned alive" the hard way.

Stand too close to this wheeled automaton and recieve a shock you won't soon forget.


  • Speeder

Two words of advice when encountering this Napalm Launcher-mounted strike hovercraft: burn plastic.

  • Rover

Think of it as a mobile Freeze artillery vehicle, give it a retro sci-fi look, double its size - and you get the picture.

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