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The Flamethrower is a unit in many Army Men games.

They are excellent at close range, but run the risk of friendly fire, even on themselves, if used poorly. Their flames deal constant damage as they shoot, ripping through the enemy's health before reducing them to a plastic blob, and depending on how clustered together the enemy is, many of them can be hit.

However, flames can hurt your allies as well, and great care should be taken not to fire blindly. In addition, running while firing will produce flames that do not dissipate by the time the unit reaches them, damaging themselves as well. On top of that, the range is fairly short compared to most units.

All in all the Flamethrower is a very powerful but also dangerous unit to use, and should be guided carefully.

Though Scorch in Army Men RTS seems to be a hero Flamethrower unit, the unit itself is not in the game and he performs completely differently.