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Field Marshal Tannenburg was the leader of the Tan Republic in General Plastro's absence.


In the intro of Army Men: Green Rogue he is shown with a massive amount of soldiers, tanks, and helicopters and states "with Sgt. Hawk and those blasted heroes out of the way, the Green Nation doesn't stand a chance" then signals his men forward to attempt to capture the Omega Soldier.

He is seen in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, where in one mission the player must infiltrate a Tan base and capture him alive. He is captured and is about to sign a peace treaty with the Green Nation when Plastro bursts in and kidnaps Vikki Grimm, stopping the signing. He is not seen again in the game. Tannenburg does not re-appear in Portal Runner, Army Men: Sarge's War, or Army Men: RTS, leaving it unclear if he may have been killed offscreen at some point during or after Plastro's attack on the signing ceremony.

In the PS1 version, he is armed with a Grenade Launcher.(PS1) In every other version, he is unarmed. Like almost every other character, he is voiced by Jim Cummings, but this is difficult to notice as he only speaks in the PS2 version.(PS2)


Tannenburg has a German accent, an abnormally long face, and is short and lean. He wears a monocle on his left eye and speaks in a dark tone.