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Throughout his few appearances, Dr. Madd had created various inventions and monsters for his own purposes or to advance the offensives of the Tan Republic.


  • Zombie's
    • In Army Men II, Dr.Madd constructed a zombie-making factory on a set of small islands, and had captured an elderly soldier whom Sarge was sent to rescue though Madd himself escaped just before he could be captured. In the ending cinematic of the game, he appears once again, this time operating on the remains of the traitorous Major Mylar. This scene, however foreboding, appeared to have been forgotten by the events of Army Men: Toys in Space, suggesting that he simply used Mylar's plastic to create more zombies.
  • Spider's
  • Plastrification Serums
    • In Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, Dr. Madd created two serums that each served as an agent and counter agent against the effects of Plastrification. Notably, the counter agent could bring to life regular inanimate toys in the Real World as if they had lived in the Plastic World. While originally created for the Tan Republic, the serums eventually fell into the hands of the Green Nation and presumably was distributed as a vaccine to the various nations.
  • Frankenstein style bio-plastic weapons
    • In Army Men Air Tactics we can see how Dr. Madd has a complete operation of trafficking insects brought from the real world, which he uses by removing and adding parts of other insects or even plastic soldiers, to which he also assembles mounted weapons. The Army Men he uses could be assumed to be prisoners. Considering this, Dr. Madd was able to put together parts of living beings from his world and the other world, the giant world, and manage to form a new type of being: half living being, half Army Men.