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Dr. Madd
Nation GreyNationFlag Grey
Affiliation Tan Republic
Status Unknown
Debut Army Men II

Dr. Madd is a notable scientist from the Grey Nation in the Army Men series. He is usually behind multiple nefarious schemes, such as raising the dead. He also appears in most of the "Game Over" sequences for Army Men II.


Dr. Madd only appears physically in Army Men II and in Army Men: Air Tactics. He can be seen on his island, typing away on a computer, only to teleport away if Sarge and his squad open fire on him. Otherwise, his presence is felt throughout other games; he is behind the plastic Zombies that roam areas in certain games, and also created the Anti-Plastrification Serum.

In Games[]

Army Men II[]

Dr. Madd's debut into the series has him appearing sporadically through the game. He appears identical to the Tan scientists that also appear in this game, albeit with a grey shade. He cannot be killed, and when fired upon, he simply teleports away while cackling. He is behind the creation of the Zombies, as his base of operations is located on an archipelago that hosts a massive machine which creates Zombies via a special plastic mold.

At the end of the game, he somehow manages to gather pieces of Major Mylar and presumably reassembles him. The result of this procedure is never shown however, as Mylar never reappears in the series after this.

AAII Ending Mylar

Dr. Madd piecing Mylar back together.

In multiple "Game Over" sequences, Dr. Madd can be seen subjecting Sarge to a wide variety of cruel methods and experiments, such as swapping his brain with a gorilla, tying him to a chair and threatening him with a syringe, and presumably strapping him down to a table and letting his Zombies literally tear him apart.

Army Men: Air Tactics[]


Dr. Madd makes an appearance in Army Men: Air Tactics. Appearing only in cutscenes, Dr. Madd is shown experimenting on green soldiers and combining them with bugs. More of the doctor's face can be seen than in previous games; The back of his head can be seen in the opening cutscene, showing he is completely bald and wears glasses.

At the end of the game, when Plastro's volcano base is destroyed, Dr. Madd drives away in a tan jeep with Plastro as a passenger, driving through a Portal to avoid the volcanic eruption and ending up in an inflatable pool in the Real World. During this sequence, there is a brief shot where Dr. Madd's face can be seen.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

Dr. Madd makes no physical appearance in this game, but he is behind the creation of the anti-plastrification serum. He presumably gives dosages of his serum to Brigitte Bleu so she can free General Plastro, who was abandoned in the Real World. While off doing her mission, Dr. Madd came under siege when Bravo Company, accompanied by Vikki Grimm, assaulted his castle fortress. After prolonged fighting, Bravo Company was able to successfully halt the production of the serum.

In both the PS1 and PS2 versions, after mission 4 and during the CGI animation prior to mission 5, Vikki calls Sarge Hawk on the radio and tells him she found Dr. Madd and the serum... but the communication is interrupted by noise and then turns off. This results in Sarge having to rescue Vikki on the mission. But after rescuing her in the game nothing is said about what happened in the middle with Madd, leaving these events unknown.

Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 Dr Madd

Vikki cut scene in the N64 version of Sarge's Heroes 2

In the Nintendo 64 version, more or less the same thing happens. In the animated cut before the "Castle" mission, after Vikki in the "Graveyard" mission reaches the door of Madd's castle and enters it without waiting for Sarge. Vikki tells Sarge on the radio that she found Dr. Madd and the serum, but to hurry up because she sees strange creatures lurking around the castle and is immediately surrounded by Zombies. The scene cuts to Sarge, who goes to her rescue. The same thing happens here, we never see what happens in Vikki's lost time and never talk about it again.

These events on all the game versions imply that Vikki saw Dr. Madd, but we don't know what happened. We can assume that he was the one who captured Vikki and imprisoned her, since it is unlikely that the intelligence of the zombies is sufficient for such a civilized act. Therefore if he wasn't, at least he ordered his subordinates to do so and not to kill her. Then escaped from the castle scene, leaving zombies and soldiers as a welcoming party for Hawk.

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