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Colonel Grimm (also known by his nickname, Happy Jack) is the commanding officer of Bravo Company, and thusly Sergeant Hawk's direct commanding officer. Col. Grimm also has a daughter named Vikki Grimm.

He first appears in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes and would continue to appear in the games featuring Sarge (Hawk), including Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2, Army Men: Turf Wars, Portal Runner, Army Men: RTS, and the dubiously canon Army Men: Sarge's War.

Despite only being a colonel, Grimm seems to be the highest ranking military officer in the Green Army in the games he appears in. Grimm is entrusted with attending Field Marshal Tannenburg's official surrender on behalf of the Green Nation.

The last time Grimm is seen is during the Peace Treaty signing during Army Men: Sarge's War where a number of Bravo Company's Commandos, along with Grimm and Vikki, are killed by Lord Malice's bomb rigged peace statue.


  • Col. Grimm, despite having the same voice actor through most of the series, sometimes has different accents depending on the game.
  • Grimm is bald. His appearance without hat can be seen in Portal Runner's ending, when Vikki, his daughter, hugs him.
  • A common theory amongst some fans, is that Colonel Grimm is possibly Sarge from the original Army Men trilogy; however, there are flaws with this theory:
    • Grimm, and the Green Nation as a whole, has no familiarity with portals. This conflicts with the the events of the original Army Men trilogy, where portals played a large role.
    • General Plastro didn't age whatsoever, and he also refers to never having met a Green soldier as stubborn as Sgt. Hawk, which wouldn't be true, considering Sarge repeatedly foiled Plastro's plans, much to his annoyance.
  • Colonel Grimm is erroneously referred to as "General" Grimm in the opening cutscene for Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2


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