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The Chopper is a unit in Army Men: RTS. It can be made with a Super Garage.

Choppers are rather powerful but fragile units perfect for hit-and-ruin tactics. There are few units that can attack them in the game, but most of them are deadly, and as such, choppers must be used carefully. They are especially great against pillboxes and tanks, since neither can attack them.

Manual description:[]

Choppers are great for quick aerial assaults on enemy positions.

Pros and Cons[]


  • Can fly over buildings (including barbed wire), units, and a large amount of terrain
  • Cannot be attacked by snipers, grenadiers, pillboxes, tanks, or mortarmen
  • Extremely deadly in medium to large groups (6 or more)
  • Immune to the Minelayer's traps
  • Immune to the Radio Operator's Bombing Run
  • Extremely high rate of fire
  • Immune to DumDums


  • Extremely susceptible to AA Guns
  • Only effective in groups
  • Expensive to make large amounts of