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Captain Blade-0

Portrait of Captain Blade from Army Men: Air Tactics

A Green helicopter pilot and the leader of the Alpha Wolf Battalion. He was the main character in the games Army Men: Air Tactics, Army Men: Air Attack, and Army Men: Air Attack 2. Captain Blade sports a cowboy hat bearing the mark of the Union Cavalry and is very attractive (according to the intro of Army Men: Air Attack).

A member of the Airborne Cavalry, Blade is the player character of all the helicopter games. Main duties involving either transporting Sarge's men or providing aerial fire support to assist Sarge's ground operations. He makes a cameo appearance in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes when he destroys a Tan tank for Sarge. Blade and Sarge have a shaky relationship, due to Blade being a bit too cocky for Sarge's taste and having a tendency to disobey direct orders.


  • Captain Blade bears a striking resemblance to Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, a charismatic air cavalry officer from the movie Apocalypse Now directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Kilgore was portrayed by veteran actor Robert Duvall.