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Bugs and insects are deadly creatures that can impede your progress throughout the Army Men series.


Bugs first appeared in Army Men II during the first level. In this game, all of the bugs were large cockroaches that could deal rapid damage to Sarge and his team. Throughout the series, more bug types would appear depending on the title, and most were usually immediately hostile to whoever approached them.

In Games[]

Army Men II[]

The bugs in Army Men II were large cockroaches that move quickly, and deal a sizable amount of damage. They have no allegiance, and will attack whatever gets in their path. These factors, combined with their unnatural resilience to damage, make these insects tough enemies to take down.

During the ending cutscene of Army Men II, Tan soldiers can be seen trying to "tame" a cockroach.

Army Men: Toys in Space[]

In Army Men: Toys in Space, the bugs were small, but numerous, ants. They are only seen in the earlier levels of the game, before the Space Aliens arrive. If approached, they will swarm Green soldiers, but they are indifferent to Tan soldiers. However, ants can be distracted by "destroying" the food item they swarm, and they will stop attacking Green forces.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

In a few levels that take place in the real world, Sgt. Hawk encounters Ants and Spiders.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2[]

In the level Behind the Wall, Vikki Grimm is attacked by Spiders.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

In Army Men: Air Combat, there are a large number of different types of bugs. Most of them are hostile to Tan, Green, Blue, and Grey units alike. Ants attack green bases in several levels, and their ant hills must be destroyed using Cherry Bombs. Fire Ants also appear when the player has sufficiently angered the ants.

In the mission Bug Bath, the player is tasked with destroying Bug Boxes and unleashing the Mutant Moths, Mutant Beetles, Mutant Scorpions, and Mutant Wasps to attack the Tan Army. In this mission, they are non-hostile to the player.

Earwigs, Beetles, Dragonflies, Bees, Ladybugs, Crabs, and Snails also appear.

Army Men: RTS[]

Bugs in Army Men: RTS are typically hostile most of the time, and mostly serve as obstacles in the map. However, if a player rescues the Queen Ant, the ants will then cease their attacks on that faction.