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Brigitte Bleu
Nation Blue
Affiliation Tan Republic
Status Unknown
Debut Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2

Brigitte Bleu is a Blue Nation spy working for General Plastro in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 and the main villain of Portal Runner.

She is typically depicted as having a rivalry with Vikki Grimm throughout the series. Athough the heroes met an end in Army Men: Sarge's War, it is unknown where Brigitte is, as she's never mentioned. Neither did the Blue Nation have any involvement.


Ms. Bleu is depicted as a fashion doll, being clearly inspired by the Femme Fatale archetype of classic 40s and 50s TV serials.

She wears a tight tank top over a transparent undershirt, military pants and medium-length boots. However, her appearance varies during the cutscenes of Sarge's Heroes 2 with some showing her pants to be very baggy while others showing as very skin tight.

Sarge's Heroes 2[]

Theres little known about her origins but she is seen to share Plastro's dream of world dominance as she assist him throughout the game, she presents Plastro the Anti-Plastification serum that revives plastified soldiers and give life to toys in the real world to help Plastro raise a new army.

During the course of the game, she gave up the position of Field Marshall Tannerberg to the Green Army so they could capture him to make Plastro the leader of the Tan Army once again. However, due to her lack of loyalty to him, he ordered his army to invade the Blue Nation and Brigitte was forced to ask Sarge for help, after fending off the Tan Army, she revealed the location of Plastro's headquarters in the toy store. However, she eventually betrayed Sarge by giving up Bravo Company to Plastro to regain his trust. After Sarge and Vikki destroyed Plastro's missiles, she was used by Plastro as a bait to capture Sarge by forcing him into rescuing her from an explosive she was tied to, Sarge managed to save her only for her to use the serum on Sarge, paralazing him.

At the Pinball, she couldn't handle Sarge being tortured by Plastro and ordered some of her loyal soldiers to activate a vending machine so the Green Army could localize and use the Anti-Plastification serum on Sarge, unparalazing him, he eventually freed Bravo Company and cornered both Plastro and her, she attempted to persuade Sarge into sparing her only to be hit in the face by Vikki, causing both to fight, she managed to escape in the chaos of the two toy robots's fighting.

Back at her hideout, she promises that she will make Sarge hers. 

Portal Runners[]

In the time between Sarge's Heroes 2 and Portal Runner, she used the serum to create an army for herself and started travelling to various worlds through portals and conquering them. However, feeling unsatisfied due to her loneliness, she tricked Vikki into going missing so she could capture Sarge to make him her king by using a device given to her by the Martians. However, after the Martians betrayed her, she was forced to join forces with Vikki and Sarge to end the Martian menace, after the Martian brain was destroyed, she was arrested and put in jail with Plastro for much of her dismay.


  • She is one of the many Blue Spies of the Franchise.
  • She was voiced by Nika Futterman, who would be later known for voicing Luna from The Loud House among many other roles in anime, cartoons and video games.
  • She is portrayed to have a way more curvaceous body than Vikki to represent her age and overall attractiveness to the player.
  • While never stated in-game, her plan was to have Plastro conquer the Plastic World only for her to betray him and take over alongside Sarge as her king.
  • Her name tends to fluctuate between "Bridgette" and the French "Brigitte" in subtitles and pronunciation in Sarge's Heroes 2 and Portal Runner.
  • In most of her artworks and renders shows her having a handgun. however, she never uses it in any of her appearances.


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