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Bravo Company is a company formed of some of the best soldiers of the Green Nation. It is lead by Sgt. Hawk, who reports directly to Col. Grimm.

During the events of Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, the Tan Army forces are able to capture every member of the Bravo Company at the time except for Sarge, who then spends the early levels of the game rescuing them one by one. From then on in the series, in games such as Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 and Army Men: RTS, Bravo Company's commandos regularly show up to help Sarge in some capacity.

In the dubiously canon events of Army Men: Sarge's War, Bravo Company is wiped out, with the exception of Sarge.


  • Riff - Anti-tank specialist
  • Shrap - Artillery specialist
  • Bullseye - Marksman (Army Men: RTS only)
  • Vikki Grimm (In the Gameboy Color version of Sarge's Heroes 2 and Advance)