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This page is about the enemies that appear in several games. For other uses, see Blue Spy.

Blue Spies are enemies that appear in several games. They usually engage in sabotage against the Green Nation on behalf of the Tan Republic.


Army Men 3D[]

A single blue spy must be killed in the second mission of the game; He drops information which the player must bring back to the Green Helicopter to beat the level.

Army Men: Air Combat[]

In Army Men: Air Combat, blue spies can occasionally be found among the Tan. They are similar to the basic Tan Soldiers in behavior, but are obviously Blue, and drop powerups on death. According to the game manual, this is because the blue spies have been stealing resources from the Green Army. This is also why Blue Jeeps and Tanks drop powerups on death.

Army Men: Green Rogue[]

Blue Spies appear as enemies in this game. They can be armed with rifles, grenade launchers, or bazookas. They are a much lighter, almost turquoise color in this game, rather than the dark, deep blue of blue units in previous games.