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Blue Nation

Blue Nation Flag:

Blue Nation Flag
Demonym Blues

They're more likely to ambush you than shoot you in open combat. The Tans put up with the Blues because they can use them as couriers, saboteurs, and spies - Sarge

The Blue Nation is one of the nations of the plastic world and is one of the four primary nations in the franchise. They seems to be based on France due to their names, accents and having one of the primary colors of France's national flag.


The Blue Nation is physically seen in Army Men World War and Army Men Sarge's Heroes 2 during the Tan invasions, but is known throughout various members of its armed forces seen in the games that some of their people work for the Tan, others for the Greens. In spite of this, very little is known about their overall history or true allegiances.

A likely theory is that the Blue nation considers both the Green and Tan nations as potential threats. Since the Green and Tan nations are the most powerful armies in the world. This could be the reason why the Blue nation seems to play as "information broker" to both sides. Preferring to use their reputation for intelligence, as a bargaining chip for neutrality with both nations. And sabotage operations for when they deem either side is gaining too much of a advantage over the other. Knowing that it is impossible to compete with the Green and Tan, they would rather continue to keep the Tan and Green at war with each other. To ensure they are not a future threat to the Blue nation.

Despite this, the Blue nation seems to prefer staying on the better side of the Tan republic. Probably due to their sheer numerical and technological advantage over all other nations.

Brigette Bleu, Agent Cobra Blue and Agent Powers are the only named Blue characters, although there are more unnamed members seen throughout the games. The Blue army (often with a French influence) seem to have very fluid alliances, though they are rarely seen on the front lines. The Blue army's real talents lie in espionage, sabotage and other such undercover missions. The Blue Army (according to World War) is located in the Eastern part of the Plastic World. In the first Army Men Game, their location is presumably the Northern Mountains (the alpine).

Blue Spy

Agent Cobra Blue

Foreign Relations[]

Green Nation[]

Occasionally, they will ally with the Greens. This is seen in Army Men: World War and in Army Men: Turf Wars. In Army Men: World War, you have to save a Blue city from a Tan invasion and then together with the Blue Forces you invade the Tan Republic. In Army Men: Turf Wars, Sarge attacks the Tan forces together with the help of a Blue spy, who helps him along the whole game, giving him information about the movement of the Tan.

Tan Republic[]

In most of the games, the Blue Nation collaborates with the Tan Republic, often spying on the Green Army on their behalf. Whether this relationship is motivated by coercion, bribery, mutual dislike of the Greens, or legitimate agreement with Plastro's beliefs is never made clear.

Grey Nation[]

The Blue and Grey Nation's overall relation is mostly unknown, but assuming that both nations have been at war with the Tan Republic its safe to assume that both nations are allied against the Tan Army and are friendly towards the Green Nation.

The Blue Resistance[]

In Sarge's Heroes 2, Brigette Bleu claims to be a member of the "the Blue Resistance", implying that The Blue Nation was under a dictatorship aligned with the Tan regime, prompting an anti-government resistance. This statement would seem to be odd, considering that Brigitte is shocked when Plastro announces his intent to invade the Blue Nation later in the game, though it is more likely that her claims to be a member of the resistance movement was a ruse to gain the Green's trust.

Notable Blues[]

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