The Blue Nation is one of the nations of the plastic world.

They're more likely to ambush you than shoot you in open combat. The Tans put up with the Blues because they can use them as couriers, saboteurs, and spies - Sarge


The Blue Nation is usually portrayed as an ally of the Tans. Other than this, very little is known. Bridgette Bleu, Vikki Grimm's arch-nemesis, is the only named Blue character. The Blue army (often with a French influence) seem to have very fluid alliances, though they are rarely seen on the front lines. The Blue army's real talents lie in espionage, sabotage and other such covert missions. The Blue nation is often depicted as working toward anything they see beneficial, often this means paying for their services. In some games they are allied with the Green Army, but in others they are an enemy. The Blue Army (according to World War) is located in the Eastern part of the Plastic World.

Blue Spy

The Blue Spy

Alliance with the Other ArmiesEdit

Alliance with the Green NationEdit

Occasionally, they will ally with the Greens. This is seen in Army Men: World War and in Army Men: Turf Wars. In Army Men: World War, you have to save a Blue city from a Tan invasion and then together with the Blue Forces you invade the Tan Republic. In Army Men: Turf Wars, Sarge attacks the Tan forces together with the help of a Blue spy, who helps him along the whole game, giving him information about the movement of the Tan.

Alliance with the Tan RepublicEdit

In most of the games, the Blue Army usually gives information about the movement of Green Forces to the Tan Republic.

In Sarge's Heroes 2, Bridgette Bleu claims to be a member of the "the Blue Resistance". hinting that maybe most of the Blue Nation is occupied by the Tan Republic.

Notable Blue Nation Soldiers Edit