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The Bazooka is a weapon used in a number of Army Men games. It is a common weapon used by all four nations for anti-material applications.

Army Men/2/TiS[]

In all three of the first Army Men games, the Bazooka is used by the Bazooka Man, but can also be found as a power-up Sarge can use with limited ammo.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes[]

The Bazooka appears in Army Men: Sarge's Heroes and Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2. Sarge can use it to kill enemies and destroy obstacles. As Bazooka ammunition usually comes in short supply, it is best reserved for fighting heavily armored enemies, especially tan Tanks, which can only be damaged by explosives.

Tan Soldiers and Mini-Soldiers will sometimes use the bazooka as well, which can easily kill Sarge if the player is not careful.

Army Men: RTS[]

In Army Men: RTS, the Bazooka is used by the Bazooka Man and Riff.